Wednesday, May 15, 2013

First World Problems

Mother's Day was lovely for us. I will let my husband's status speak for itself! 

Stuart Russ
Sunday via mobile
Well, Ash got sleep in, I did the dishes, gave her a nice card, grilled out for dinner, and hooked up the diaper sprayer.... All in all, I would say that I did a pretty good job letting a great mom know how special she is!

He definitely did a great job in making my day wonderful. My favorite moment of that day was getting a card from two wonderful men in my lives, Forrest, and Stu. The card made me all sappy and emotional. It had something to do with the fact that it was my first Mother's Day with my little boy here in the world, and face it, I was just a sappy person to start with!

It is finally warming up outside...again. May is such an unpredictable month in the Midwest. It can go easily from being in high 80s to freezing low 50s then back into 80s. It's crazy. I remember being so nervous during the months of May and June leading up to my wedding because I worried it was going to be very cold, and dready for our outdoor wedding! Fortunately, we ended up having a gorgeous 70 degree with sun that day! Anyway, it is warming up once again, and I am hoping it will stay fairly consistent from now on. 

Forrest, and I are visiting our family for the week. Forrest will be my date to a wedding this Saturday. I am excited to be taking Forrest dancing, and show him off to rest of our family. At the same time, I am kind of nervous that he will be crabby, and restless during the wedding ceremony. If that does happen, then it is okay because I will just take him somewhere quiet, and let him cool off. Stu can't make it because he has graduate school classes, which I understand. I can't wait for him to graduate by next year so he has more free time to join us to visit family, and friends. 

My dilemma right now is not even really about Forrest becoming cranky at the wedding. It is to decide between two outfits for him! Oh, the first world problems I have. 

*Sadly, I have faced this issue in the past. Says a lot about our luxuries compared to third world countries, eh* 

The best part of this week is? Seeing my sister!!! She will be visiting from Texas, and I absolutely CAN NOT wait to see her!!! 

While we are in the town, I'm hoping to make a quick trip to Wholes Food Market with Dad, and Jess to pick up Tahiniti. I have been searching for this particular ingredient everywhere with little avail. You see, Forrest has taken a liking to eating hummus! But then again, I am not very surprised, because we are big on hummus. I include it in several recipes, or eat it plain with pita chips! It is not until recent that I have been having an itch to make our own home-made hummus since it is probably a lot cheaper to make your own, and I can experiment with flavors or ingredients that goes into the hummus. 

I really miss Wholes Food Market, Trader's Joe, and that type of store. I used to hit them up a lot when I lived in Twin Cities, and DC. I could drive down to Milwaukee since I only live an hour (or about there) away, but why not grab the chance of going with my family, and have Forrest hang out with his grandpa, and Jess. That way, I can decide if it is worthy of me driving that distance in once great while from where I live. Or even better, visit Milwaukee when I am in the town since it is half hour away. 

I'm starting to kind of ramble. I will let you guys go. After all, I better get my little guy up so we can go shopping with Memaw! 


  1. Well, if you do come down to Milwaukee and feel like popping by a violin store, come in and say "Hi!"

  2. Hahaha I have thought the same thing with chips and dip.

    I hope you and Forrest enjoyed the wedding!