Thursday, May 9, 2013

Summer Bucket List

I am doing a link-up with The Duggans Family. Do check out Ali's blog. She's a fantastic blogger with a lot of great things to share! 
Chasing Moonlight & Roses

Because of her zest for doing something fun this summer, she has created a bucket list, and it got me thinking....Well, I want to make one for myself as well!  I tried to make my bucket list as realistic as possible so I can meet those goals. Otherwise, I know I will not get them done. 

I am quite excited with the list I've made. Most of them are self-explanatory. My biggest hope is to meet all 15 goals. I want to have fun goals that I can learn more about this little town that I am living in. I did live here for 3 years during my college years, but I didn't get off the campus to explore community events. So this summer I will be doing some of that! 

Stick around this summer, and see if I can get all fifteen goals met!


  1. Awesome!! I wish I would've added a trip to our farmer's market as well - I have yet to visit a local one and we've lived here going on 5 years! So we will definitely be doing that now :)

    And I've also wanted to visit the Wisc Dells! Can't wait to hear about you guys' trip! =) And thanks for linking up, I added a link on my post back to your page!

    1. Hey Ashley! I also got a new button for the Nice Weather Bucket List as well - much cuter for summer!! You can pick it up on my last blog entry if you want to switch to the new one :) It's got a big sun on it and just looks much nicer... LOL