Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Welcome to My Humble Abode

Here's a glimpse of my messy, and cluttered home.

Our bedroom closet
How do I miss thee, walk-in closet! 

Our brand-new bed & bedroom
Please excuse the clutter. I'm still decluttering.
One of my projects this summer will be painting, and fixing up my yellow dresser.
The color has to go, and I need to fix it up a bit too!

Our upstairs bathroom; call me strange, but it's one of my favorite rooms to decorate!
Then there's a little hallway, which is of course, messy with trash that needs to be tossed out.
Then it leads to the guest bedroom. I didn't want to take a picture of the whole room because
there's boxes stacked up in there to be moved to the basement!

Forrest's bedroom. It's much bigger than his old bedroom!
My plan is to declutter his closet. It's way too cluttered for my liking!
More summer projects, I tell ya!
*Can't you tell that I'm kind of obsessed with organizing?*

My whole 2nd floor; living room, computer area, downstairs bathroom, the dining room,
and kitchen. These pictures are taken a few days ago, and I'm telling you that it looks a lot
better with stuff put away, and unpacked!

The basement! There's an industrial-like space for laundry. It's not fancy  by any means, but I don't care. It's just space for laundry, storage, and cat litter. We've built shelves already! So I need to organize all my stuff that is set aside from upper levels in our house, and stuff in the basement then to be put away on the shelves. Then there's other half in the basement that I like to call "man cave". What you are seeing right now in those pictures are not the set-up for the area! It has to be cleaned, and everything put away badly!
We are going to put in a large area rug, and TV. There's a "secret room"! It's pretty neat. It's where some boxes will go as well. Then there's shelves for our library. The nice part about this is that there's a walk-out patio! Our cats LOVE it there, and enjoy walking out on the patio to lay in the sun. Our yard is big and nice. We are planning on installing an invisible fence or set up chain for Layla to hang out outside. 

Personally, I hate unpacking. It is so much work compared to packing up. With packing up, you just put your stuff in the boxes, and say ta-da, I'm done! Unpacking? You have to figure out where this or that should go, and there's a lot of cleaning along with decluttering involved. On top of this, you have to buy replacements or new things for the house to fit the needs for your stuff. Someone has once told me that I should view unpacking as Christmas morning, and opening boxes to see what you've long forgotten. It is a nice idea, and I wish I am able to view unpacking in such way! Perhaps someday? I don't know. 

Pre-baby, I am able to unpack everything pretty quickly, and be done maybe within a month at most. With a baby, I am happy to have at least one box unpacked. So it is going really slow. It doesn't help that we are having such BEAUTIFUL weather lately, and I just wanna go outside with Forrest for our walks. On the bright side, upstairs level is all done, and I just need manly arms of Stu to bring down the boxes. I could have done it myself, but hey, I did do all the hard work of unpacking, and cleaning. So he can help out a bit, right? Ha ha. The second level is getting there. It's getting better, and less cluttered. 

You can tell that I can't stand clutter. For this moment, I don't care. I am just trying to get stuff in the place where they belong. Then I can focus on organizing, and decluttering. My mom likes to remind me, Rome isn't built in one day! 

I'm really loving our new place. It's big, spacious, and nice! There are some repairs to be done, projects to be fulfilled, and things to be organized. It should keep me busy for next few months. I won't get much done this month. 'Tis the season of weddings, picnics, baby showers, and all the fun things that comes with early summer!! 

Well, the sports drink I'm sipping from is making remarkably animal-like sound squealing every time I take a drink from it....something is telling me that I need to buy myself a new one, seriously....(those stuff is sturdy, shatter-proof, and spill-resistant which is super handy especially with a curious baby going through hey, I like to throw crap on the floor especially mommy's drink and watch it spill yay phase). So I leave you with a picture of my precious boy from the other night. He's such a serious little baby!