Thursday, June 20, 2013

Liebster Award 2.0

Thanks to Jes's nomination, I have been awarded with Liebster Award button for my blog, and I am flattered to be bestowed with this! I've decided to follow the new guideline for the award because the google reader for you bloggers are going away shortly, and the rules are becoming kind of outdated. 


New guidelines for Liebster Award 2.0
  • Nominate 11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers on GFC, or Networked Blogs, or Google +, or Twitter, or Pinterest, or less than 200 likes on Facebook.
    • Also eligible are bloggers who have less than 200 posts
    • Also eligible are bloggers who have been blogging for less than 2 years.
  • Share your preferred way for your new readers to follow you!
  • Reveal 11 facts about yourself, and answer questions!  
 (Credited to Country Bunkin Mama). 

11 Fun Facts about Me:

  • I absolutely love graphic novels. 
  • I enjoy painting my nails with textured polish. Plain ones are boring.
  • I have a shoddy circulation so I'm always cold.
  • I love spelling ABC's really, really, really fast in sign language to wow people.
  • I love steampunk clothes. Absolutely love them! 
  • Sometimes I come off having a cool exterior, but I am a huge mushy on the inside. 
  • I can't stand seeing animals suffer. 
  • I love to cook especially new recipes.
  • I can't decide between Star Wars, and Star Trek. Damn you, Captain Picard for making it harder for me to decide!
  • Fall is my favorite season.
  • I love B horror movies. The crappier they are, the better they are! 

As a kid, what did you do that got you in trouble: I was the oldest kid in the family, and because of my role being the oldest, I felt I was being looked up to by my younger siblings. I was very well-behaved, and unassuming child with a lot of imagination. I lost myself in the books, and writing. I was a good kid.

What do you miss most about being a kid?: The freedom from responsibility. It was nice to not be burdened by worries that I have as an adult. I did whatever I wanted, spent my money without feeling guilty, had tons of time to explore my hobbies, and interests, and it was pretty easy to be a kid. 

What is your first memory of being excited?: I was six-year old when I was given a gift. It was an unassuming cardboard box, and my aunt asked me what I thought was inside the box. I was so excited, and shouted a Kangroo! I must be going through a kangaroo phase? As it turned out, it was a kitten named Winnie, and I had her for next twenty years. Loved that cat.

What was the first thing you bought with your own money?: I don't remember! Maybe a toy. 

 photo tumblr_mhxm0g4eRf1qicagco1_400_zpsd41827ee.gif

What story does your family always tell about you?: My dad always brought up by teasing me that I had a huge crush on David Hasslehoff from Baywatch, and I used to get so mad about that. I think he got a huge kick from my reaction of being embarrassed. I definitely DID not have a crush on David Hassleoff yet my dad insisted that I did. Har Har, Dad.

If you were to turn on your most used music device right now, what genre of music would be playing?: Rock, and alternative. 

Are you a night owl or a morning dove?: Hell, a night owl! I hate mornings, and would gladly sleep in. Unfortunately  my little boy is a morning dove, and because of that, I do get up early. At least I have a lot of things done by the time afternoon rolls around.

If you could travel in time just once, what year would you travel to?: Ooh, a tough one! I would really love to be present during huge social movement changes such as feminism, civil rights, and standing up against Vietnam war then going to all the concerts, and seeing great bands perform. At the same time, if there ever exists a time where it is post-apocalyptic with steampunk fashion, then I'm in. 
What is your favorite board game or card game?: Apples to Apples. 

Traveling only by car, where is your favorite road trip destination?: Door County. I love it up there. It's so beautiful. Sampling wine is also fun!

What is your favorite social media platform?: Facebook, and blogging. I can't choose one between them. I like staying in touch with my family, and friends. I also love blogging because I love to write. 

Nominations for Lebister Award

Questions for the nominates

Do you believe in destiny?
What was the best moment in your life?
Does your name match your personality?
If you can pick a movie that reflects the best about your life then what would you pick?
What makes you to be YOU?
What was the most embarrassing experience of your life?
How did you meet your significant other?
Explain your blog title, and what it means to you?
Who was your favorite professor/teacher, and why?
Would you lie to someone to spare his/her feeling or just say as it is?
Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

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  1. I'm so flattered to be on your list! The only thing I would change from my list the last time I was nominated by someone would be to add your blog to it, so I will just give you a link and you can answer my questions there if you are game.

    In answer to your questions:

    1. No.

    2. This one is going really well, plus I can think back on so many others from here.

    3. I think so.

    4. I am drawing a blank, so I will have to go with Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan as a default.

    5. My inability to be idle too long.

    6. I don't know, because I get over embarrassment pretty quickly. Maybe this?

    7. At a Halloween party in college.

    8. I got really frustrated writing for Babble the last year I was there. The turnover in editors was crazy and things got weird after Disney bought the site and everything became about page views and slideshows and there was no help with promotion. They made it impossible for my own mother to find my posts and then let me go for not having high enough numbers. As things were getting bad some of the other personal bloggers there and I talked about branching off into our own blogging collective as the "Anti-Babble" and it seemed to me "The Quiet Corner" fit that bill.

    9. Lots of favorites for different reasons, but maybe Dr Butler at Ohio State for his kindness, curiosity, and calm form of enthusiasm.

    10. Depends on if the lie would lead to further pain or not. I would go with the least cruel, least self-serving option. But there is enough range of truth in the world that it isn't usually necessary to lie.

    11. Mr Rogers. (Still sad he's gone.)

    That was fun! Thanks for the momentary diversion. (Now back to all these violins on my bench....)