Monday, June 3, 2013

My Quest Continues: Finding A Right Carrier

We had a really lovely time up at the Farm. I love it up there especially in the summer and early fall because everything is so green, and so beautiful to see the nature. It is nice to unplug from technology, and life for a short while to kick back, relax, and be with family. It seem to put me in a contemplative mood, and kick-start the ideas to write on my blog. Some posts I want to write should be coming up soon! 


For those who are wondering about my carrier, I have decided to return it back to the company, and I am a bit sad about that. It is a cute carrier, and I can't keep it just because it comes in a cute design. 

Well, Stu did try to adjust the strapping system, and got the straps tightened all way especially on my shoulders. Forrest ended up being high enough, and it felt comfortable to stand around with him in it. I had to wait a full week for the weather to make its mind up to stay warm to go hiking. When I finally got a chance to hike, I didn't like how the waist belt was digging into my belly, and the shoulder strap was all way up to the base of my neck. Forrest started to get lower in the carrier, and was not high enough anymore. We both were sweaty, and hot because he was squished up against my back from the straps being so tight. I did feel better this time around, and even with that, I was not 100% satisfied. Stu said that it was pointless to keep the carrier if I was not 100% satisfied, and ought be looking into a different carrier. I agreed. 

I started looking at ERGO sport carrier. It had its perks, and one of those perks I liked was more ventilation. However, one of my friends warned me that the waist belt on Sports version was likely going to present the same problem I had with Beco Soliel carrier. Ugh! However, the regular version was pretty good , by what I've heard, and I decided that I would rather try it on in the store or try to get it for trial try-out from ERGO company rather than buying it then ending up with the same problem! 

It is just really frustrating because I am not what you would consider petite. I am of an average build, and weight. I am tall, but not that extremely tall. My waist is the source of trouble. My waist is narrower than most people, and it is a pain in the ass especially with bra measurement. But I'm not going there....because it would be TMI, right? Anyway, it is like ugh.  

I am hoping I will find a right carrier for Forrest, and I. I am hoping to get the one that fits us well so I can take it with us for hikes, walking around at Wisconsin Dells, strawberry picking, and activities that may require Forrest to be baby-worn. For example, the other day I went to Barnes and Noble bookstore, it is when a carrier would come in SO HANDY because holding a squirmy twenty-pound baby killed my arms. 

I don't want to have lug my heavy Graco stroller everywhere with me. It is really nice, and I do love it. I use it everyday in the morning when I walk with Turkey (Layla), and Forrest loves riding in it. It is not always ideal to bring with me especially to rough terrain areas, or it takes up so much space in my jeep trunk. It can be a pain. Literally. I end up with multiple bruises on my legs just from lugging it around. 

For the bruises on my legs, people quickly look at them, and look at me with a puzzlement on their faces, and I have to assure them that I am not being beaten up. Okay, a bad joke to be using here. But seriously, I think that beating has crossed their minds. My legs are just horrible. I have been taking my prenatal vitamins, and gotten better at eating iron-rich food yet I still get bruises. If I don't have my cup or two of coffee then I'm just so fatigued. I may be borderline anemic for all I know. I promise I'm not that negligent of my health, and will be looking into it. I may have to get back on iron supplement again. 


I am eager to cross off some items off my bucket list this month such as visiting the horses, starting hitting up the farmer's market, strawberry picking, planting the herbs, and visiting Wisconsin Dells. Hopefully, I will be able to find a good carrier by then. 

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  1. Ashley.....

    Reading your post re carriers!
    Hip hip horray r gonna ditch stroller and be more AP style! Yiur boy is gonna love love it!
    My LO loves dancing and loves being piggybacked..

    I too have a tiny waist 27" and well I am busty! 35" and lean lean lean....I am tiny though 5'4"/123#
    POINT IS....I too hemed hawed ....look into QUIRKYBABY.COM...great website... they have rental program too!!

    I do recall a comparison website too iI found on internet compare/contrast Ergo/Boba/Beco

    Definitely glad u not consider Bjorn...Hip Displasia is a concern with those carriers as they are classic "crotch" carriers. YEAH TO YOU FOR BEING EDUCATED ABOUT an important decision!!

    We Are love our Boba!