Friday, June 21, 2013

Ten Months Old

Dear Forrest,

You are 10 months old today. You're in double digits! These past 10 months have been a pure joy thrown in with some craziness in the mix.

You are a sprint-crawler. Oh my gosh, you go everywhere in the lightning speed. You started doing that a day before you turned 9 months old, and ever since, you've been crawling like nobody's business. Your favorite game is being chased by Daddy. You crawl as fast as you can then stop to look over your shoulder, and giggle at Daddy as he runs after you. When he nears you, you zoom off once again with that glimmer in your eye! Mama has to baby-proof all the exits to prevent you from escaping from your play area otherwise she spends the whole day chasing you! 

Along with your mastered skill of crawling, you are cruising. Earlier in the month, you took a few steps as you grasp your hands on the edge of anything you can put your hands on, and move cautiously until you reach your destination. Now, you are confident cruiser, and have no problem moving around on your feet as long as you are grasping on something! Unfortunately, that does mean you earn a bruise or two from falling. It does not deter your determination to continue cruising. 

You are adorable with your little one tooth. Daddy and Mama thinks you have another tooth on the way because you've been drooling exponentially lately, and you have a teething rash all over your cheeks. There is a white spot on upper gum. AND, there's a second tooth breaking through right next to your little snaggly tooth on the bottom gum! Soon enough, you'll have two lower incisors! Daddy jokes that you'll end up with a hilly-billy teeth by your first birthday. Silly Daddy. 

You are picking on signs! You are able to understand many signs that Mama is saying to you, and you are beginning to respond. You hate the sign NO, and clearly shows your dislike for being told no. It is so funny. Mama tries not to laugh when she tells you no, and your lower lip quiver just a few seconds before you throw your temper tantrum. You are able to sign MILK, MORE, and HELP. For the sign help, you lift your hands up in the air, and wait for someone to come along to scoot you along to what you need to have done. Your sign for more isn't perfect, yet you repeat until Mama or Daddy knows what you are asking for.  Mama is teaching you BATH, DONE, EAT, WATER, SHARE, DIRTY, CHANGE, SOFT, PLAY, MAMA, and DADDY in hopes you'll respond whenever you are ready. 

You had your 9-month check-up this month. You are 40% in height and weight, 28 inches tall, 20 pounds even, and like always, your head measurement is whooping big:  90%! You wear a few large 6-9 clothes (not 6 months clothes seeing that they no longer fit you), and are mostly now in 9-12 outfits. 

You are a regular food machine. You love everything in the sight, and will eat whatever that is given to you. The sky is limit for you, my little boy. The new food you've tried lately are hummus (a huge hit), chicken, ham, ice cream, blue berries, strawberries, rib meat, turkey, spinach, zucchini, squash, string beans, and cottage cheese. However, cottage cheese is off the book for you right now. It has too much diary for your little body. You ended up with a reaction on your elbows, which was the strangest spot ever, and a localized hive. No worries though, you will have it again when you are a bit older. You absolutely love ice cream, and will get your hands on it with every chance you get. You really love lasagna. You take after your Mama's heart with lasagna, don't you?

You are still in cloth diapers. Mama prefers pocket diapers the most for you because it is easier to wash especially when you have a big poop! Your poop has definitely changed since you started eating solids, but Mama will not go into details, and spare everybody else from reading about this. Because of the evolution of your poop, she prefers pocket diapers over other brands out on the market. You prefer cloth diapers over disposables because it is more gentle on your bottom. It is an investment well spent! Mama will cloth diaper your siblings due to such positive experience of cloth diapering with you! 

You are still getting boob milk as your main source of nutrition even with you eating meals three times a day. Even with boob milk, you are starting to drink water out of your sippy cup with a straw. You are offered your sippy cup mostly with your meals, and all day especially when it is hot outside. Matter of fact, you blazed through stage 1, and 2 cups. You wanted nothing to do with regular spout sippy cups. You spent time playing or chewing on the spout more than drinking of it. One day, Mama caught you drinking straight from her plastic cup with straw, and thought you might preferred baby cups with a straw. She went ahead and bought you one, and you took quickly to it!

Mama is considering about weaning you from nursing this summer. As much as you enjoy your boob milk, you are starting to get squirmy, and restless during the nursing sessions. You would very much rather crawl or cruise instead of laying still to eat. Even sitting in dark quiet room does not hold your attention for too long. You pull at Mama's hair, kick, scratch, and pinch while nursing. Needless to say, it is not enjoyable anymore for you, and Mama. On top of this, you are starting to nurse less, and less. Mama is a bit sad at the prospect of losing that special time with you yet at the same time, Mama knows that there is different ways to bond with you. Due to this, Mama is starting to work on weaning you in July, and hopefully by your first birthday, you will be transitioning to regular milk, and be down to at least 2 nursing sessions (morning and night).

Daddy and Mama pushed your bedtime to 7 PM from 6:00 PM, and it has done everybody a great deal of good. You are sleeping finally sleeping through the night, from 7 to 7:15 PM until 4-5 AM, barring nasty teething episodes that wakes you up in the middle night which is happening quite often now due to your second and possibly third teeth coming in. It appeared as you've had mostly weaned yourself from middle of night nursing sessions! No inference or help from Mama in this scenario--it was great to just follow your suit, and allow you to naturally do it on your own.

You absolutely love singing, and songs. Your favorite song is If You are Happy, and You know it, Clap Your Hands because Daddy sings that with you all of the time. You clap your hands, and wiggle your little bum. You break into a big smile every time when Mama comes in the bedroom, singing You are my Only Sunshine, and you absolutely love it. You enjoy Twinkle Little Star book that Grandpa Dave recorded for you. Mama turns on baby music with every chance she has because you are a little musician in the making. Perhaps you are taking after your musically inclined family members? 

You are very independent little baby. You like to do everything by yourself, and you can be so determined until you figure it out. Mama is following your suit, and allowing you to express yourself through what you like to do. It is so much joy to watch you grow, and finding out more of your personality. 

Daddy, and Mama loves you so much, our dear Forrest, and you mean the world to them. 

Mama & Daddy 


  1. I LOVE that he is already signing!!! That is so great. I was absolutely amazed. Keep up the wonderful work, Mama :)

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