Sunday, July 21, 2013

11 Months Old

Dear Forrest,

You are 11 months old! Time has blazed by in the past month. So much changes occurred in you! You have four teeth; two on the bottom, and two on the top! Daddy likes to tease you by calling you Bucky because you have beaver teeth. Fear not, Mama and Daddy still think you look absolutely handsome. You enjoy running your tongue over your teeth as much as you can even though Mama is sure that your tongue is probably feeling a bit rough around the edge these days. You are absolutely fascinated by your new teeth. However, when it is time to show off your teeth, and you suddenly go shy. You won't open your mouth! Silly you, dear boy. Alas, you are currently working on your lateral incisor teeth. They look like they may appear anytime in next two to three weeks!

You are sleeping through the night like a champ! You started doing this around the end of your ninth month, but went back to waking once a night. At first, Mama was not sure why, then your little teeth started erupting through your gums. That was why. Aside from waking once a night from pain, you barely fussed much, and did not appear to be bothered by cutting teeth. You were definitely an amazing teether. Once your teeth broke through, you were back to sleeping through the night. Recently, you begun waking up once a night which signaled that your teeth were on its way to being erupted.

The summer has taken a hot turn. You had to stop taking your naps in your crib upstairs. It was just too hot upstairs. You started napping in the dining room in your playpen where it was cool. Daddy has seen to buying a brand-new AC, and it keeps the entire first floor cool, which was great, because Mama can finally cook on the stove once again.  At the night, you slept in your bedroom just in your diaper with a fan blowing you. All of this worked out until the dreadful heat wave passed. Once it was over, you resumed sleeping in your crib for naps, and sleeping at night without needing fan so close to you. We all survived the crazy heat wave, didn't we?

You sign MORE MORE MORE MORE all of the time. You also know how to sign milk, but doesn't use that sign very often. You know EAT, MAMA, CHANGE, and SLEEP. Mama has been working hard to teach you more signs, and you have not shown much interest in reciprocating yet even though you understand signs very well.

You are still in cloth diapers. You love them, and show preference to them over disposables. Mama loves them too. At the night, you do use disposable (Huggie Overnight 12 hours). You do not mind this as long as it does its job.

You love food! You are exposed to so many different foods that Mama has lost track of what new you've tried this month. You love honeydew melon that Grandpa Dave gave to you recently. You can eat pretty much everything. Your favorite food is sweet potatoes puffs, blueberries, french fries (Mama doesn't give it to you very often, but it doesn't surprise you because it was what she ate a lot while pregnant with you), and blueberries. You have not found a food that you do not like yet. Banana is now back on your menu--you used not to like them, and had a choking episode on it once which scared the wits out of Mama (because you stuffed your face without chewing them, silly boy), and you like them. Mama feels confident you won't stuff your face too much with bananas. You even like taking a bite out of the whole banana that Daddy shares with you. You are not a big vegetable person, but you love string beans, broccoli, and squash. You eat A LOT for a little boy.

You celebrated your first July of 4th, which happened to be Daddy's favorite holiday, and you handled the parade like a perfect little gent. You did not mind the noises very much. What bugged you was the spraying water. You did not like the cold water splashing all over you. Daddy had to shelter you from spraying water. You loved the fireworks! You kicked your little legs, and giggled while you were seated between Uncle Spencer, and Daddy. Then you were baptized on a Sunday. Gosh, you were a ham of the show! You waved, and smiled at the congregation. 

Mama had you enrolled in a swim class called Shrimp Swim Class. You took to the water like a fish. You kicked your legs, and splashed your arms in the water. You loved seeing other babies in the class. You especially so loved all the fun songs that was sung during the class. You smiled, and laughed the whole time. It was a decision well-made to enroll you for the summer swim class (for the month of July).

It will be sad once your swim class ends this upcoming week because you do enjoy water so much, and interacting with other babies.

You are still crawling like a lightning! There is no interest to walk yet. Mama and Daddy have tried prompting you to walk by holding your hands. The first thing you do, when you are in this position, is to plump on your butt, and crawl away as fast as possible! Matter of fact, it is not until yesterday when you finally showed some interest in walking!

You have so much personality. You love to play Peek-A-Boo game with anyone. You enjoy waving your hand. You laugh nasally at anything that amuses you. You enjoy tormenting Turkey, the Basset, on a daily basis, and feeding her your food even though you are not supposed to do this! You throw tantrums when Mama or Daddy tells you no. You love riding in your little car at your Grand-Aunt's house, and you take to water like a little fish. Your favorite book is "Farts in the Wild" given by your cousins this past Christmas! It is your frequent request to read during the day. You clap your hands at everything that amuses you. It is amazing to watch your personality emerge, and getting to know who you are.

Mama has begun weaning you from nursing since you are down to 4 nursing sessions a day, and 4 am nursing session. Mama has done a lot of talking, and researching about weaning. She has decided that supplementing you with formula is going to be the most effective way to gradually drop her milk supply, and to introduce cow's milk to you. It is a work in progress because you are not a big fan of formula, and prefer to be nursed instead. Granted, you've only begun drinking very little of formula this recent week. Mama is looking into ways to make this process easier on you, and herself. She is hoping that you'll be down to just two nursing sessions by your first birthday.

You are starting to look more and more like a boy instead of a baby. It is amazing to see you grow. Mama and Daddy stands over your crib at the night while you're sleeping, and marvels at how big you've gotten. Time goes way too quickly for their liking, but time does fly while you are having fun.

Your first birthday is coming up. Mama is eager for your one year old pictures, and has been stocking up on cute outfits you can wear! The theme is farming! Mama has been practicing on making a smash cake for you. She thinks it is more meaningful that way if she made you a cake. The first cake she made turned out pretty good! The second cake tasted as equally good, but the icing remained to be a tough one to work with!

Mama and Daddy are planning for your first birthday party which will be a low-key event at home. It is hard to believe that you will be a year old in a month from today. Mama still remembers the day when you were born. You are an incredible blessing, and have changed your parents' lives for so much better.

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Mama & Daddy