Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Busy July Thus Far

It has been a busy July for us thus far. It feels like we have not had a weekend at home yet! Whew. The first weekend was a holiday, and we were gone. Then this past weekend, we went down to my hometown to visit my side of the family. It was a really good visit--one of those visits that you had so much fun that you just forgot about your camera because you were too busy living in the moment, and before you knew it, it was time to go home. 

Forrest had so much fun riding in the little car, playing on his slide, and chilling in the kiddie pool. It was nice to have family together to spend time, and hang out. Matter of fact, Alex (my brother), and Stu conspired to pull a trick on me. Alex took Forrest out of the kiddie pool, and Stu threw me into it fully clothed. Ha ha ha. Very funny. Luckily for me, my other brother, Luke, came out blazing with water gun, and avenged me. Good time. 

We also spent time with Dad, and Jess. I loved our downtime with them, and just talk. Forrest was such a ham, and loved being with Grandpa Dave. I ended up getting a great book from Jess about canning. So excited about that! My goal was to can something this summer, and darn it, I was going to do it! It was really awesome seeing Dad's garden that Dad and Jess worked so hard on especially the grapes! It was very cool to see the grape arbor, and seeing tiny buds of green growing on the vine. It made me look forward to having some of their grape jelly, and some other delicious cans of fruits and vegetables this coming fall!

The weather has gotten a turn to being very hot, and humid. It is hard to believe that just a week ago, it looked like this:

This was taken at our local Pick N Save food store! It was a really crazy moment because the rain just poured out of nowhere, and before we knew it, the roads were flooded! Forrest, and I had to patiently ride the storm out, and waited until it stopped lightning outside before we were able to tread through the lake to get into the food store. By the time we got out of the food store, the water was gone, and everything was cleared to go for driving. It was a dream. Thank goodness for this picture from my phone otherwise I would not have believed that this ever happened!

Our house is not equipped with a central air, and we haven't gotten a window unit AC. We are living just in front of fans, and trying to stay cool. Poor Layla literally melts onto the ground, and is spending all of her free time laying on tile floor. I feel bad for her. As for us humans, we are getting by just fine, and we are realizing that we can't just "wing it" anymore. We will have to end up getting AC soon. It looks like we will be battling yet another hot summer this year. 

It is kind of funny because back in May, I was wishing feverishly that we would have hot weather because I was jealous of all my south buddies that were enjoying beautiful warm weather, and now I was like...ugh, this hot weather can go away. 

Forrest will be turning 11 months old on Sunday. I can't believe that my little bug will be a year old so soon. I'm not ready for this!!! I will make up for my sadness by shopping online for a little straw farmer hat, and bow tie with the suspenders. Ha ha. Nothing that little retail therapy can't fix. I am really excited though. Forrest is going to have his year old picture taken by Michelle, the very same person who took pictures of Forrest when he was 2 weeks old, and it will be fantastic! I plan on doing a trial run this weekend to make a smash cake for Forrest. I'm hoping it will turn out okay. I am usually a great baker. So we will see!

August will be a crazy busy month for us as well. We have a family reunion on the first Sunday of August, then Forrest's pictures on Monday afternoon-evening. Stu will be starting football coach job the following week, I believe, and then we are having Forrest's first birthday bash party on the 17th of August! After that, Stu will be going back to school to teach. It feels like this summer is going way too fast. I'm glad we are able to do some things on the bucket list. There are a couple that I have not done yet, but the summer isn't quite over yet. So I have time. 

Well, I better get going and tidy up the place a bit before Mary-Kay consultant comes over! I'm getting a free facial this afternoon! Rock on!!! SO I leave you with a cute picture of Forrest from Bay Beach Amusement Park that we went last Wednesday to meet up with other Deaf mommies for the day!