Monday, July 8, 2013

July of 4th Weekend

We had a really big weekend recently over the 4th! We attended a friend's cookout on the 4th, and met their beautiful baby. Their baby was so tiny. It threw me back to those days from when Forrest was a baby, and I marveled at how tiny newborns were. I had forgotten how small  newborn babies were. It had been a long time since Forrest was that small. It definitely tugged at my heart a bit to see their beautiful baby. It was a time enjoyed by all at the cookout. After the cookout, we drove up north to the Farm for the weekend. Forrest slept for the most part, which was awesome, and we arrived late in the night. Forrest was full of piss and vinegar, despite the late hour, and entertained his grandparents for awhile before going to a very late bed time. 

Friday was a day to just relax, and enjoy the moment, which was something I needed. I took several snapshots of the farm while Forrest, and I walked around the farm with Stu. Later that evening, Stu helped his mom (Grandma B) around the yard. Soon, everybody pitched in to clean up the yard for the brunch on Sunday. The day was ended by relaxing in front of a pit-fire, and eating S'Mores. It was something hypnotizing to watch fire pop, crackle, and roar as the dusk slowly slipped into the darkness. I could feel stress literally melt away with the darkening sky, and breathed in the aroma of melting marshmallows roasting over the fire. 

Saturday morning was met with bushy-eyed folks gearing up for a run/walk 5K race. Forrest was strapped up in his running stroller as his parents prepped for a run, and he was great the whole time! And no, he did not lose his sock this time around (Back story: At our first 5K run-walk event, Forrest chucked his sock over his shoulder, and we missed it. Fortunately, Ripon College mailed it to us, and the sock was back in our hands!). I jogged evenly with Stu's pace, and we were in a perfect concord. The sun slowly came out, and boy, the heat was getting to me. The first 5K we did was on a cloudy cool day so it was not hard to deal with the weather factor. This time around was difficult because of the heat, and sun, but with Stu's support, and Forrest cheering us on; I was able to overcome the heat exhaustion, and kept running. I did pretty well for an inexperienced runner. I kept putting one foot over other, and stubbornly chugged on until we crossed the finished line! I did it with help from Stu, and Forrest! 

After 5K run, we returned to the Farm to quickly wash up, cool down, and hydrate ourselves while our little guy napped. Once he was up, we went to the downtown to watch the Parade. Before it began, we had to
pick up yummy home-made salt and vinegar fries (so good, yum yum), and Forrest even had some. He loved it! We checked out a local market happening nearby, and we were prompted to try Virgin tomato juice. I loved it so much that I had to buy a jar of tomato juice from the vendor. Suddenly, it was time to join our family, taking a shelter from the heat in the shade, and watch the parade! We rooted on Grandpa Mike while he marched with his fellow legion, ahhed over cool old-time cars, and ducked away from spraying water (Forrest didn't like to be sprayed on very much). 

After the parade was over, Forrest took yet another quick nap with his Mama (I was tired), and felt refreshed enough to join rest of our family at the Pig Roast for Spankerel Fest! The pig was great, and the company was even better. After a fun-filled evening, we put Forrest down for yet another quick nap--he was such a trooper with all the crazy sleeping, and waking schedule that day--and woke him up around 9 pm to watch the fireworks! Forrest had fun watching the fireworks, and kicked his little chub legs while he sat with his Daddy, and Uncle Spencer. I was really proud of Forrest for doing so well--he got a bit fussy toward the end, but it was as to be expected seeing it was nearly 10:30 pm! It was the latest he had ever been up in his whole life! 

On Sunday, we got up for Forrest's baptism. Forrest did great, and was a ham of the show. Everybody loved seeing him. Forrest was hilarious! As soon as we went up on the platform, Forrest began waving at the congregation, and laughed as people reacted at him waving. It was so precious. I wish someone had taken a video of him waving because it was his newest trick of the week--to wave at people, and snort in his nasal way of laughter. Pastor Lin did a great job performing Baptism, and Forrest was remarkably good. We were so proud of our little guy! 

After Baptism, we had a brunch, and enjoyed great food.  We were thankful for a wonderful company who came out to see Forrest, and spent time with us. Grandma B did a great job of prepping food. It was a great way to conclude our long, busy, and fun-filled weekend! After the brunch was done, we packed up my Jeep, and headed home. The traffic was a bit snarly so it took us awhile to get home. On the way down, Stu, and I looked at each other, and silently spoke through our eyes that it was a really wonderful weekend. 


  1. Lovely! Thanks for sharing so many nice photos.

  2. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! I love that first photo of Forrest! He's got your eyes mama! <3