Monday, July 1, 2013

What We Have Been Up to These Days

I got this great cloth diaper from

It has been quiet around here. Time simply got away from me. Stu attended a conference for his work, and it left me playing a single mother for a few days. Forrest was a great kid, like always, and it was a joy being with him. While Forrest was easy to take care of, I still ended up exhausted at the end of the day from not being able to sit down much, and when I sat down, I was not relaxing. I was busy doing something. After a thousandth If You are happy, and You know it, Clap your Hands song,It made me appreciate Stu's help around the house, and even more, I appreciated single mothers out there. I commend them, and their hard work raising their children. 

Before Stu left for the conference, I decided to try my luck once again through Craiglist to find a running stroller, and was armed not to find any new advertisements. The last attempt was a bust. Because of that, I expected the second time around to be a bust as well. Lady Luck was on my side, and I found three potential running strollers. I liked two out of three, but I contacted all three sellers, and only two got back to me. I only liked one of the two running strollers, and I had really hoped to get the one I liked. The other option was a bit flimsy. With Stu's approval, I negotiated the price, and finally got it down to the price we could afford. Stu contacted the seller, and agreed to meet with him on the way up to the conference to pick it up. I was really excited! And just in time for July 4th 5k race too!

I spent my time sewing, and watching the Lord of the Rings movies (I need to go back to the book, and finish it for once and all, geez) during Forrest's nap times, and his bedtime. Then I started Harry Potter series. I didn't feel like blogging, or being on the computer very much during this time period. I needed a break from technology. Sometimes, we need that, don't we? 

We were so happy when Stu got back. We missed him! We decided to check out the Alumni events at Ripon College, and decided to spontaneously  sign up for 5k race for the following day. It was not very often that we did something so spontaneously. It was fun. 5K run/walk race was fun. I felt very accomplished even though my butt was not happy. It was so sore, dang it. Who knew that muscles in the places you didn't know exist would be hurting so much! I loved the running stroller. Forrest was kind of small in it so we had to tighten the straps all way in for him to be secure. He did not complain at all. The running stroller moved smoothly, and in concord with our pace. The only bad thing about it was that maneuvering the stroller for turning was harder than the regular stroller due to its front wheel being locked. It was not a big deal though. At least, it prepared us to know what to do for our July of 4th 5k race. 

Stu, and I finally finished the Big Love, and the ending was rather unexpected, but it was a good closure to the series. Now we had Lost, Tudors, and Big Love out of the way, we decided that we would like to start Son of Anarchy, and go from there

Watching TV series always has been our thing ever since we started living together. If you have a great TV series to recommend then feel free to share with me. We are always looking for good TV series to add to our queue on Netflix. 

June has really flown by. It's crazy. I can't believe that July of 4th is this week. Wow. It will be a fun weekend for us. We are planning on going up north. Hopefully, I will get a chance to meet up with one of my friends while she is visiting the area up there as well. It will be Forrest's first parade and fireworks! Let's hope the weather cooperates. Then Forrest will be getting his first haircut with a courtesy of Grandma B. Then he will get baptized on Sunday. It should be nice. On next Monday, we are starting our first swim class through Y! I'm really excited for Forrest to start swimming because I started around at his age as well! 

I am already planning Forrest's first birthday bash. We are going to have a low-key event with family, and friends. It should be fun. Forrest is doing great despite growing teeth. He is starting to have a set of chompers already! Because of this, he has not been sleeping the best lately, and we are hoping that teething pain will eases up to give Forrest some relief. He has been a trooper though, and rarely cries. He amazes me. 

I am not sure if I will have a chance to blog before we go up north for July of 4th. I will try to sneak in a post before the holiday! 


  1. Sons of Anarchy is soooo good :) We watched 4 seasons in like a month and we are just catching up on Season 5 now :)

  2. I've always wanted to watch "The L Word" and "Mad Men" and "24" and "Freaks & Geeks" name a few! ;)
    Have you guys seen "The OFfice" ? Ugh, sooo good and one of our favorites to watch together :) Also, "Heroes" was awesome. We were so obsessed with it and beyond sad when it wasn't picked up after the 4th season or something like that. Always recommend "Scandal" - so. good.

  3. Baltic Amber Teething Necklace....amazing results and surely forrest would high five u if he could!

  4. Last series I watched was Heroes and liked it. (Although it kind of loses some appeal after the first season.) Firefly is great. I really liked The Closer. I'm waiting for the last couple of seasons of Dexter to show up on Netflix.