Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cloth Diapering: 6 Months Later

It has been a long time since I last made any mention about cloth diapering. Yes, I am still cloth diapering Forrest! We started when Forrest was around seven months old, and has never looked back ever since. We've been cloth diapering for almost 6 months now, and I absolutely love it. 

Forrest has not had one single blowout since we started cloth diapering him. Not ONE. I am absolutely thrilled about that. For some reason, with disposables, Forrest would literally shoot poop all over his back, and cause such mess. It is quite gross. With cloth diapers, it has never happened to Forrest. 

There was one incident with poop leaking out of his diaper, and it was due to him having a semi-diarrhea from teething. It was a small leak dribbling down his thigh, and it somehow got on my shirt (I was holding him on my hip). Yuck, thank goodness that the elastics did its job by holding in the mess! 

Forrest has not had a single diaper rash by using cloth diapers. I love it! His bum definitely breaths better with gentle material. 

I use sprayer, that is attached to our toilet, to spray poo off the diapers. I use spray shield (looks very much like a clipboard with covering surrounding it) to hold the diaper while I spray poo off it, and it goes right down in the toilet. Then I flush. Ta-da, all done! 

I keep two wet bags; one in our bathroom to hold wet soiled diapers, and other one in Forrest's bedroom to hold diapers with just urine on them. I spray little amount of vinegar in the wet bag in Forrest's bedroom to control the odor.  I leave the zipper half-way open so the bag doesn't reek when I open it up. I wash every day to every two days, depending on how fast the wet bags are filled up, and it is usually every other day. 

I wash the diapers, turned inside out, and snapped close, and inserts in cold water for wash cycle to really ensure all stains come off. I've learned that using hot water during this will cause stain to set in. Then I do the full cycle of wash of warm and cold rinse. During colder days, I dry the inserts in the dryer, and hang the covers on the laundry rack. On warm sunny days, I hang everything on the clothsline. This system has been working out very well for us. 

It doesn't feel like work. It is very much a part of my routine by now.

Freetime Cloth Diaper; the inserts are already attached to the cover, and you fold it up to turn it into a diaper. 
Stu, and I did not like our Freetimes Bumgenius AIO , and Flips. The Freetime diaper, as pictured above, was a pain in the ass to have poo sprayed off. The inserts opened up, very much like in the picture, while spraying, and that caused poo to go everywhere. With time and patience; we would probably have mastered the art of spraying poo off this particular brand, but we would very much rather spend our time using diapers we LIKED instead of adapting to particular brand, and waiting for our like to grow on it. I ended up selling all of my Freetime diapers. I was quite grateful that I only had 6 in my stash!

I also sold my flip diapers. While the colors were fun and festive, I was not crazy about having to fold all of my cloth inserts to lay on the shell, and there was nothing to keep it secure. I did like the organic cloth inserts because it held Forrest's pee pretty well, and Forrest was a pretty heavy wetter, but I wasn't crazy about the separated shells. Stu barely used them as well. It spent a lot of time sitting in the cloth diaper drawers. I was not getting my money use out of them.

Having learned all this, Stu, and I realized that we both LOVE pocket diapers! It is the best type for Forrest seeing that he's a heavy wetter, and we can add or remove the amount of inserts inside the cover pocket to adjust to meet Forrest's needs. It is easier to spray poo off the pocket diaper because all I have to do is remove the insert out of the pocket, then spray the inside of the diaper cover. There's a lot of adorable designs with pocket diapers.

I am a big fan of Charlie Banana, and 4.0 Bumgenius Pockets. I also love the custom diapers that I had made. Sarah's business is found here: CARROTTOP BOTTOMS. The first picture on this post you see is custom-made by Sarah. I love it. The only disadvantage that comes from buying diapers through Sarah is that she does not include inserts with the covers. If you already have a lot of inserts already in your stash, then this won't be a problem for you! Besides from this only small disadvantage, I really do LOVE the diapers that I bought from Sarah. It's about the same size as Bumgenius 4.0 Pocket diapers, and there's plenty of space inside the cover pocket.You can use ANY size of an insert, and it will still fit in the cover pocket pretty good. As for me, I use large microfiber insert to stuff the two diapers that I had custom-made by Sarah. I love it. It works out great for me, and I do plan on purchasing a few more through her!

This is far one of the best investments I've ever done. I absolutely love it, and don't regret the switch from disposables to cloth diapers. Having said this, I still do use disposables for Forrest at the night (12 Hours Huggies) because he is such a heavy wetter. I find it easier to do cloth diapers part-time, from when Forrest wakes up until he goes to bed, and this decision is a well-made one for us. We have saved so much money on not having to buy disposable diapers! I think about doing this full-time, and invest in heavy-wetter Kawaii diapers, but I have not decided if I should make the transition just yet. I just know that I absolutely LOVE cloth diapers. If I have a chance to, then I can "talk" your ears off about cloth diapers, and possibly converting you over to the dark side....

 Will I cloth diaper any of my future kids? You bet!


  1. I am totally like that when I shop for cloth diapers!! We are currently using Flip covers which i fold prefolds and place them inside. I like this better than actually putting the prefold around him first. We also use thirsties covers, lotus bumz pockets, and weehuggers. Liam is 5 weeks old, and these work best for us right now. I have some others that dont fit him yet, so we'll see how they fit later on. I also just bought 4 more lotus bumz on zulily. The tabs are crossover and nice and stretchy.
    sorry...rambling... i love cloth! :) i need to do a post on my cloth obsession soon!

  2. I love cloth diapering too. My baby is four months. I'm especially fond of Tots Bots, though I mostly use Bum Genius 4.0s.

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