Saturday, August 10, 2013

It's Good To Be Reminded

It has been awhile since I have last updated about the happenings in our life. A lot went on yet at the same time, they were ordinary occurrences. Kind of? The truth to be told, I was somewhat in the dumps, and did have much to say blog-wise.

First, my Jeep had a braking problem, and needed to be corrected. You know how sometimes when a mechanic goes in to fix one problem, and only to run into more problems? That was the case! Then there was a crack on the jeep window shield. It was a small crack that grew, grew, and grew, and I had hoped the crack was able to be filled in. Unfortunately, the entire window shield had to be replaced because the crack went right down to the base of the glass in the engine hood. It became a major repair situation. We needed a safe vehicle for me to drive in with Forrest. While it did really suck to drop a hefty amount of moola to fix the damages, we were also thankful that we did have means to afford the expenses. 

In midst of this situation, we had an allergy scare with Forrest, and it was no fun. Forrest had a reaction to eating peanut butter. We figured that it was okay to give peanut butter to Forrest since he was of age to eat it safely, and there was no known nut allergy history in our family on both sides. Forrest had a mild allergy reaction, and nonetheless; we still had to go in based on advise of RN through a pediatrician hotline. We ended up having to set up an appointment with an allergist (will be meeting with an allergist on the 13th). It was stressful to have your kid to go through something like this, then having a cloud to hang over our heads until then. 

You know how bad luck comes in threes? 

A day following Forrest's allergy scare; I had to do laundry to wash Forrest's dirty clothes, and bedsheets. We had been battling a losing battle with Forrest peeing through his diapers in the middle of the night (he is apparently a heavy wetter) lately. I put my phone in the laundry basket, and gathered all the cleaning supplies to put in the basket then carried everything in my arms with Forrest on my hip. I ended up taking all the cleaning supplies out of the laundry basket to start cleaning the basement while running the washing machine. After the cloth diapers were washed and hung up; I dumped the entire content from the basket into the washing machine, and of course, me being Deaf...I didn't hear my phone go into the washing machine! By the time I realized I had forgotten my phone in the basket, it was too late, and my phone was waterlogged. It was beyond saving. Ugh. Right?

I was phoneless for the whole week. I did have my videophone. I did have my Nook, and computer to keep up with social networking. It was not a complete loss. At the same time, it sucked not to be able to text people, and have everything readily available at my fingertips. The whole experience humbled me. I realized I was really dependent on technology too! Gotta love being a part of Generation Y (Dang it, why don't I have cool generation label like Baby Boom Generation, Silent Generation, or G.I. Joe Generation). 

It was just a lot of hits in such short period of time. It probably also did not help that I was dealing with a mild case of Weaning Depression. Apparently, a woman can go through a depression while weaning her baby due to hormones shift in her body. Interesting, huh. Anyway, Forrest had officially dropped his daytime nursing, and went down to just 2 nursing sessions. Because of this, my hormones was shifting back to pre-pregnancy shape. I was functioning fine, and doing well, but emotionally; it was a whack for a bit there. Once I found out about this, I seriously had an AHA moment because it made so much sense to me, and it was also only temporary. Oddly enough, having an answer helped me to feel better because I was able to say well, look, I can get through this because if I can get through the baby blues, then I should be able to get through this as well

I kept trucking on, trucking on, and trucking on through all this for past few weeks by telling myself that things will get better. Things did get better. 

Like I said earlier, we were thankful to have the means to cover the Jeep expenses, and that Forrest only had a mild reaction to eating peanut butter. We were on our way to get an answer from an allergist (soon). I found a solution, hopefully it works, to night time wetting issue that Forrest had been having by ordering overnight heavy wetter cloth diapers. If they did work out better then good riddance to disposables forever. Weaning process got easier emotionally. I finally got a new phone for free (only had to pay for contract update, and insurance, of course). The best part? Forrest recently had his year old pictures taken by PatootiesPhotography, Michelle, and he did awesome! The preview pictures showed up on the same day later on, and it was fun to see the previews! It only made me even more excited to see more yet to come!

Sometimes, bad things happen to help put someone in a perspective that we can't always have good things going on. Because if we do, then we eventually lose the sight of how much we should appreciate, and enjoy the good. In the face of multiple hits in such short time, it only shows that I do have strength to handle pesky problems head-on, and that things are really going to be okay. Bad things aren't necessarily bad. Obviously, it's bad, and it sucks, but it is also a gift in a disguise. It is good to be reminded of that. 


  1. These photos are so fun!! Im sorry you had a bad couple of days. You seem to be like me, down about something, but eventually look for the good behind it. I like that, I think it helps cope with crappy things that happen.

  2. That sounds rough. Sorry about the tough week.

    My daughter has a nut allergy that was diagnosed when she was four, but prior to that the only allergy scare we had was when she was about a year old. It was crazy because she was eating stuff that was normally okay (pasta, cheese, bacon, olive oil....) but her whole face broke out in a scary looking rash anywhere the food had touched. A friend who is a nurse said sometimes that just happens at that age--a one time reaction and then all goes back to normal. So maybe Forrest will be fine! Here's hoping.