Monday, August 26, 2013

Why, Hello Fall

I can smell it coming. The gradual change in the air. Leaves falling softly to the ground from the sky. That cold briskness I feel every morning when I step out to let the dog outside to do her business. The trace of humidity has begun to evaporate slowly from the wind. Soon it will bring the season of canning, pumpkin pies, festivities, soups, warm baked bread, mums in the orange pots, and haunted spookiness trails through the wood. Dare I whisper it? Fall!!!! Fall is coming, and I absolutely cannot wait. 

It is my favorite time of the year. This fall is going to rock seeing that Forrest is old enough to take simple pleasures from experiencing things for the first time. I already have the events lined up in the fall. The first to come is Septemberfest! It is basically a cute event that my town hosts every year to introduce fall season. There's a bunch of music, food, car and motorcycle shows, vendors that sells crafts and fresh produces, dog walk, eating contest, and all that fun jazz! My dear friend is coming up for the day with her girls, and I'm so looking forward to the time to be spent.

Throw in a flea-market. I don't know how I do not know of this before, but I recently learned that there is a famous flea market in the area near to where I live! Ohmygosh, I have to go. I tend not to buy anything while I am at a flea market, BUT I love looking at things, and being in the harmony of beautiful chaos that goes on there. I love the vendors selling fresh produces, flowers, and antiques. Oh, I'm in a heaven just thinking of this. 

And not to forget, football season? Hello! One of the perks of being married to a College Football coach is that we get into games for free!! Then of course, we have to root for our Green and Gold Packers. I'm a bit sad that we have cut the cable cord over the summer so we won't be watching Packers games on TV, but also, that's a perfect excuse to just pop over to a friend's house for a Game Saturday. 


I'm going to be determined to attend Larson's Famous Clydesdale show. Clydesdale horses is my favorite breed, and I'll be damned if I miss out on meeting their newest attraction; a baby Clydesdale horse! I think they're absolutely gorgeous, and I'd be over the moon if I could ever own one someday (more reasons why I want to move to the country, and own a piece of land). 

Then October is going to roll around. It's my FAVORITE month out of the year, closely followed by Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am so eager to expose Forrest to Halloween events. I am going to make a lover of Halloween out of my kid. I'm debating about dressing up Forrest in an owl suit or a lion suit for Halloween. Cute, eh? I'm already anxiously checking out my town's local events for Halloween, and boy, sure do they have some great events coming up. 

The exciting thing is that one of my dear friend of many, many, many years may be stopping by the old state of Wisconsin. It has been a long time since I have last seen him, and I consider him my brother. I'm hoping it works out so I can have him over, and spend time with us for much-needed catching up! Then...yes, there's more...I also will be meeting possibly not one, but two wonderful friends I have met online through mommy groups in October. It will be great time. They are in for a treat especially with my home-made pumpkin pie a-waiting to be eaten (trust me, homemade one beats store-bought ones).

Then there's oh so good Starbuck's Fall menu. Oh snap! I can see kicking back my feet while sitting in front of a firepit ,and sipping a large Pumpkin Latte (chock full of bad calories, but who gives a hoot, it's damn delicious)!

Yes, fall is my favorite time of the year. 


  1. You should look into getting an antennae for your tv. When we first moved into our house we didn't have cable set up the first weekend, but we were able to watch any football on network stations for free using an antennae that my husband had.

    It would be a one-time expense to buy an antennae, but at lease around here you can still watch network channels (i.e. ABC, FOX, CBS, and NBC) without cable if you have an antennae.

    Might be something to look into so you can watch your Packers! I know I couldn't go without watching my Patriots!

  2. Fall is our absolute favorite season as well! We were married oct 1, and this year we celebrate our 2nd anniversary. :) There is nothing better than crisp apples, pumpkins on the vine, corn stalks tied to the porch posts and autumn decorations galore! I love the cooler weather, and the baking/cooking! I cant explain how much we anticipate fall every year. I always say september is a tease, because everyone is in Fall mode, but it rarely feels like fall enough. It's still hot, and just makes you mad. lol. oh well. soon enough, but until then, I'll drink my chai and make my pumpkin bread (from last year's pumpkin we have in the freezer)