Monday, September 9, 2013

What We Have Been Up To These Days

A full moon shining bright/ Edge of water, we were feelin alright/ Back a down country road....lyrics sang out from the speakers at the bottom of our computer desk, and Forrest is happily a-bouncing to the music. That boy sure likes his music. 

I have been in a bit of blogging slump lately. It is not that I do not want to blog. Life is pretty good, and we are just enjoying each moment as it comes. The weather is still being weird; it goes from being super hot to it being chilly with warm autumn sun shining down. I am anxiously awaiting for it to STAY chilly. I am anxious to see the colored leaves falling to the ground. I am anxious to start decking our porch with autumn decoration. I am already debating what costume I should dress up Forrest as. I am brain-storming meal plans for October, prepping for arrival of wonderful friends, and standing in front of my autumn outfits in the closet while wishing I could wear them like right now. I'm soothing my fall fix with dunking donut pumpkin spice coffee until fall actually arrive to stay. 

I'm finally back in meal-planning regime. For a while there, I stopped because life got too crazy with a little baby, and I definitely saw a drastic difference. I have been making same old boring dishes over, over, and over again. Also, our wallet has been suffering a bit by me not budgeting closely for food shopping. Oh boy. Fortunately, I started getting back into the habit of meal-planning again this month. So far, I have made pretty awesome yummy dishes such as Stuffed Chicken Casserole, Turkey Sloppy Joes, Thai chicken wraps, and home-made pizza. So good! Today menu: Stuffed Jumbo Pasta Shells with marinated chicken breasts. Let's see how good this one will turn out, will we? 

I'm starting to scavenger for ideas to make toddler meals. Forrest is eating like a teenage boy. Really! Ever since we have cut down greatly on nursing, and am actually working on the bedtime weaning; Forrest has been replacing the lost nutrient from breastfeeding with solids. It is fun to be able to eat meals with him, and see him enjoy the food I am making for him. I hope that weaning him from bedtime nursing will go easily as it is for him to wean away from daytime nursing sessions. The morning nursing session is still all over the place (sometimes 4:45 am, 5:30 am, or even 6 am) so I don't feel 100% ready to wean Forrest from it just quite yet. 

Forrest is a walking machine! He just started walking yesterday without needing to rely on cruising. It came to me as a surprise because I did not expect Forrest to start walking anytime soon. Boom! He walked a distance of the living room by himself, with his chest all puffed out, and head high. Forrest was pretty proud of his accomplishment (as he should be)! Unfortunately, a lot of cuts, and bumps have come with walking. Ever since yesterday, he has acquired at least 2 bumps, and one cut on his eye. Poor kid! 

He is also signing more these days--he can sign mama, daddy, more, change, done, and is learning more signs as time goes by. I try to spend at least 15 minutes a day teaching him signs because 15 minutes is all he really can handle at this age. We are still cloth diapering Forrest. We use only pocket diapers because it is what we prefer, and love to use. We have a system set up with cloth diapering. It's really easy now. Forrest is testing boundaries a lot more now. He will do things that are naughty, and sometimes, he will repeat the naughty behavior more than once because he wants to see how far he can get. Good thing he has a patient mama that does not give in easily. It is just this age, you know? A little scientist, constantly curious, and very logical by seeing the world in black and white without really understanding the context in it. I look forward to Forrest learning in years yet to come. 

Stu has been getting into a routine of teaching AP US History, and working through a new Charter program in school. It keeps him from emailing me during the day to check on us. It doesn't stop me from shooting him an email or two of pictures with Forrest--it helps him to get through tough days, and put on a smile on his face to see his kid. Stu is also coaching Ripon Red Hawks Linebackers. I'm so grateful for the decision to live here because we are able to have a quick visits between work, and coaching otherwise we wouldn't be able to see him between 7 am to 10 pm. Stu is having a bit of tough time to be away from Forrest, and missing out on milestones. So I try to record his milestones with pictures, and videos as much as possible to keep Stu in the loophole. Anyway, Red Hawks just won their first game on this recent Saturday against a pretty tough team...awesome! 

Our pets are great. I know I don't blog much about my cats, or Turkey these days. It is not that they are no longer a priority on my list. They still are very much a part of our family. The cats are great. They get along with Forrest great. They are currently living in the basement--not as bad as it sounds, I promise, seeing that there is a furnished area for cats to play and relax with a wide open patio doors to let in air, and sun, and they do have access to upstairs if they need some TLC. Turkey is Turkey. She has some of her issues--there are good and bad days with Turkey. Fortunately, her issues are very manageable, and she is not as nippy as she used to be. I don't allow her to guard the sofa. She does have a love-hate relationship with Forrest. She loves him when Forrest has food, but dislikes to have him crawl all over her. They're a great brood of animals, and we absolutely love them. I definitely need to post pictures of them from time to time! 

Life without TV cable has not impacted us much. I actually prefer this way. It is nice to get rid of all the trash on TV. I do miss some channels or TV shows, but obviously, not that bad. We do have Netflix, and HuluPlus. I'm still doing a marathon of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which has been taking me several months (harder when you have a toddler that only naps once a day), and I'm enjoying the series because Buffy is a strong female role model that doesn't wimp out in the face of adversity. It is something I would like my daughter to watch someday instead of those trash reality TV shows with doe-eyed girls that can't even do anything for themselves. 

Stu, and I are on our new TV show marathon series, Sons of Anarchy, and I absolutely LOVE it. Initially, I was kind of nervous that it would be too much of bravado without substance, but I was proven wrong. It helps there are several of actors/actresses that I really like, such as Ron Perlman, Kate Seelgy, and Charlie Hunnam, on the show. I would suggest you to watch SOA. It's not all about motorcycle, bravado, and violence. There's drama, romance, and tons of suspense. Good stuff! 

A good thing about not having TV is that it does wonder for our marriage. It is not that we were not doing well before or anything like that! In the past, we would just plant our butts on sofa in front of TV, and have little quality time with each other because we are tired by end of the day, and want to chill then we realize that we have spent several hours watching TV when it could have been spent by doing something else. Now, with no TV, it forces us to find other ways to spend time together, and talk about life. It's really nice. I think it is a smart move especially when you have a little kid, a job, and other responsibilities in life that can take your time left with each other. 

I have been reading a lot more lately as well, and got back into the habit of sewing. It's nice to reclaim a bit of myself back to me with Forrest being predictable with bedtime schedule, and staying down for rest of the night. He finally sleeps through the night so I feel recharged, and refreshed instead of a walking zombie from lack of sleep for so, so, so long. 

That is what we have been up to these days.