Friday, October 25, 2013

What We Are Up To These Days

The weather is starting to carry that bite of chill in its wind. Mr. Old Man Winter is on his way. It is not usual to have it become cold this early, however, it is a bit usual to have snow. We do not have snow on the ground just yet, but we definitely did get some flurries yesterday. I am grateful that we don't have snow on the ground. I am hoping that it will hold out until AFTER Halloween so we trick n treat without feeling like we are being frozen to our bones. I am eagerly looking forward to not one, but two trick treating trips. For someone who has a peanut allergy, this can be a bit scary with all candies being handed out, especially those candies with peanuts, but I am determined not to let Forrest's PA to prevent him from experiencing Halloween as much as other kids does. Forrest is still a bit too young to really enjoy candies. So he won't be eating candies, but Mommy will be. I am not sure if I should be chagrined about this admission or be overjoyed by all those free candies?

Anyway, when Forrest gets to be a bit older; things will be changed a bit to fit with our lifestyles, and it is not major changes. What I will basically do is let Forrest trick and treat for candies just like other kids. Upon arriving home, I will give him a different basket with safe candies, and DONATE what Forrest has collected while tricking and treating. The candies will be donated to hospitals to ill children, who have to miss out on the experience because they are sick, and to the military overseas. They are often homesick for home. Forrest having a peanut allergy is coming to our advantage because I want to instill that value in him to be kind, and considerate of others. Therefore, donating candies is a good way of teaching him this, and he will still get his safe candies. WIN!

Here's a quick preview of our "costumes".  Forrest should be snug, and warm in his lion costume. As for me, it'll be a bit trickier. Obviously, I can't just go out wearing my flannel shirt. I will be too cold. I'm thinking I'll nab Stu's flannel shirt, and wear it over my hoodie or coat. Thankfully, I have a license to be creative with my costume seeing I don't have a real costume to start with--just a few things to piece together for a whole look, and throw on some make-up! I can't wait to see the result, and sharing them with you guys!

With this cold weather coming around, Forrest has a flare-up on his cheeks once again, and I am diligently trying to figure out what the heck the cause is. He had it last year when he was first born, and I wrote it off as a baby thing. Now I know it's Eczema, and I am thinking it is probably from the dry air, from being cooped up inside, and the lack of sun. It is back to our skin regime of having lotion, and humidifying Forrest's bedroom with a vaporizer. It does help. All we really can do is manage it. It should be interesting what Dr. G has to say about that in January.

Last night, Turkey decided it was in a great fun to nab a piece of frozen pizza on the counter, and proceeded to eat half of it. It was pretty much my fault. I had a lapse in my judgment and left it sitting on the counter while the oven was heating up. Of course, Turkey was unable to resist the smell, and decided she had to have it. Therefore, she got it. 

She also paid a visit to a vet recently. We were terribly overdue for her shots, and she needed a physical exam. She passed with flying colors. She was estimated to be 8-year old, and 2 months old. I had no clue how they can pinpoint exact months in a dog's age, but whatever, I figured the vet knew what he was saying. Our vet was pretty nice. He checked her teeth, and determined that the cause was from chewing on the crate whereas our previous vet only could estimate what the cause was. Dr. M said he had seen those cases many times in the past, and was easy to pinpoint the same cause for Turkey. He also figured it was probably why Turkey never had been properly socialized in the first place because she spent her life inside a crate. It pretty much confirmed what we kind of knew all along about Turkey. Dr. M also suggested that Turkey needed a dental cleaning. $215 worth of dental cleaning for a dog. GULP. Who knew that dental cleaning would cost so much for a dog?! 

Nonetheless, she's a family. Hence, she will be getting her teeth cleaned. She needs them quite badly seeing that the health of her teeth is pretty bad--none of our fault, we do maintain her teeth, and she just need tartar off remaining of her teeth. 

Turkey, being Turkey, and picky; is very finicky with her food lately. She wants Forrest's food. Not hers. I think I have found something, after months of trying different dog food, that Turkey likes. It's grain-free Venison dog food. Finally. Let's hope it keeps her interest piqued! 

As for Stu, he has been working hard with wrapping up the football season, and I feel quite bad for him to have stand in the cold at the practices or during game days. So I leave warm dinner in the oven until he gets home, and warm up himself while eating supper. There is only 4 games left then the football season is over...unless if his team goes into play-offs. Then the football season will stretch on a bit longer. Teaching Cirrus school, a new curriculum/school program that is basically about kids being hand-on with projects, and teaching themselves with a guide from teachers, is also time-consuming along with teaching US Advanced Placement History class. On top of this, he is also in practicum for the last leg of grad school program that he is in. Busy guy!

Recently, I had a wonderful friend, G, over for a visit. We grew up together. So, we spent a lot of time strolling down the memory lane, and also spent a lot of time getting to know each other all over again. We haven't had that chance to really hang out in a very long time. It was nice to be able to catch up, and get my batteries recharged. There was just something about having your old friends over, and spending time with them. It did good for my soul. Time went too fast while we were having fun. The visit had to end. Then I was back to my daily grind.

Being a SAHM (stay at home mom) is a great thing. I really do love it. I love being able to stay at home with my kid, and not miss out on his first few years of his life. I love taking Forrest to story hour every Tuesday at 9 am, and exposing him to other babies. I like establishing my own schedule of errands, and having that freedom to shuffle things around as needed. At the same time, it can get a bit tedious, and lonely--imagine having a year old only as your company all day long. Do I imagine being a SAHM forever? Absolutely not. After I'm done with having children, and having our kids enter school, I'll be back to work, and make something out of myself. I don't want just to be known as a "stay-at mom" forever.

Tomorrow is going to be a special day. You see, Stu, and I will be together for 9 years! Holy batman! It doesn't feel like it has been this long for us? I do still remember when Stu asked me to be his girlfriend. Ah, young love. Stu is truly one of my best friends. He has seen me at my worst, and also at my best. For those who know me well, they know I have a tendency to have my head in the clouds, and it is comforting to have Stu to keep me grounded. He is my rock. It is cheesy, I know, but it is true. I've not only gained Stu, but also a wonderful family through him. I'm pretty lucky to have a great family on both sides, and also to have one of our own with Forrest.