Monday, November 4, 2013



netflix show marathons.
air turning chilly.
trees becoming bare with its leaves littered on the ground.
cuddling with my boy, and stu every morning for a half hour in the bed.
reciting my thanks daily for thankfulness month.
sweater hoodies.
thick fuzz socks.
forrest giving the cats a hug.
warm fall, or on eve of winter soups from scratch.



i am terrible, and has stopped reading storyteller. i need to 
get back into that book because i want to read
time to kill, or  pick up where i left off with in death series by j.d.robbs. 


i finally finished buffy the vampire slayer, and decided to 
find a new show to watch.......
i've begun watching army wives, and i am hooked! 
it has similar undertone that desperate housewives had. 


creating a list for christmas to get for forrest.
thanksgiving plans.
how much i miss forrest being little wee baby.
series of appointments to go to this month.
laundry to be completed.
cleaning the house over the course of week.
dickens of christmas event.
christmas shopping to be completed this month
(just because I hate shopping in the month of december).
how much daylight saving standard time sucks since it is messing up with forrest's schedule.
how to keep a cranky boy entertained.
watching the next episode of army wives.
how they want to re-create full house tv show with a new cast
(not sure how tv network will pull this off; who can ever replace the original cast???).

Looking Forward To:

forrest adjusting to dst hopefully sooner instead of later.
pulling out winter gear.
a fresh cut pine tree.
holiday movies, and music.
all yummy food we will be eating.
visiting family, and friends.
christmas shopping, and getting it over with.
christmas cookies.
stu telling me how packers game went because that lucky guy is going to the game tonight to watch them play!!
painting my nails green and gold for packers. 

Making Me Happy:

my boy.
my wonderful husband.
my family.
my friends.
reminding myself to be thankful every morning.
spreading cheers.
drinking coffee with an eggnog latte flavor cream. Yum!
the fresh smell of just washed cloth diapers.
kind strangers.
intellectual discussions.
knowing that my friend's mom is doing great in fighting breast cancer.
the smell of winter on the air.