Monday, November 11, 2013



beautiful babies' arrivals in the mommy groups.
first snowfall.
baby snuggles.
christmassy socks.
hot cup of peppermint mocha.
food allergy & intolerance group that my friend, and i created
christmas shopping online.
knowing that i am nearly done with christmas shopping.
my mom's visit.
donuts maker--i have been making a lot of baked donuts lately!
soldiers that have fought for our country.
traditions to be started this year for the holidays.
gun-metal nail polish. 


this book that Stu loaned from the school library. 
it is good so far!! I suggest reading Divergent series (sooo good).


army wives; i'm at the juicy part of the series, and i can't stop watching!!!
sons of anarchy. the plot has definitely changed, and i am curious to find out what happens next. 
once those two are done, i'm getting my butt on to watch
dexter  (by way, he has the same birthday as i do) and ghost whisper.


how much i love christmas shopping.
how much i love wrapping gifts. 
starting up old traditions such as st. nick's, watching christmas movies, picking out a christmas tree, decorating the house, and drinking christmassy coffee flavors. 
thinking about starting up new traditions such as doing elf on the shelf, & christmas pj on christmas eve for forrest. 
making a creamy potato soup from my dad's recipes, yum, 
which is perfect for this chilly snowy day.
baking more donuts just because.
how much i am craving nutella. 
getting lunch ready for forrest. 
did i mention how much i love wrapping gifts? 


that very yummy potato soup for supper.
having my teeth cleaned next week 
(i'm one of those weird people that likes the feeling of clean teeth from the dentist appointment).


my boy, like always.
my husband.
my family.
my friends. 
people thanking the veterans. 
new babies.
the smell of freshly baked donuts.
the smell of just brewed coffee.
snuggling under an electric blanket.
wrapping christmas gifts.