Wednesday, November 6, 2013

On Eve of the Holidays

This morning, I was watching Sesame Street for millionth time with Forrest. There was a part with a kid, who happened to be blind, chatting with Elmo (Forrest's latest obsession). Elmo said he was sorry that the kid was blind. The kid was nonchalant to Elmo's response, then said that he was truly okay with being blind because he did not know any difference because he had been blind since birth. It came natural to him as much as seeing came natural to Elmo. I liked that response. It was how I felt about my Deafness. Honestly, I never really understood why people felt a need to apologize. They were not the one who caused me to become Deaf. I was not disadvantaged. I adapted to my Deafness pretty well because it was a part of who I was. If I came up to a person, who has a perfect 20/20 vision, and was able to hear well, and apologize for those abilities, then I would imagine the person would brush it off as much as I did when I received that response. Nonetheless, it was still nice to see the kid explaining that being blind was no different from being able to see on Sesame Street. 

It is hard to believe that this year is winding down already. With the holidays coming up soon, this year will be over before we know it! This year, we are celebrating Thanksgiving up at the Farm. Yum Yum, I look forward to all delicious food. Aside from Thanksgiving itself, there is not many traditions that I celebrate during this month other than being thankful, and posting daily on my page via Facebook for things that I am thankful about. 

I am so eager to start incorporating a lot of fun traditions now that Forrest is older. I look forward to peppermint coffee, going to pick out a pine Christmas tree with Forrest, decking out the house, and drinking eggnog soy drinks. Yum. I have been thinking about doing Elf on the Shelf, perhaps not this year since Forrest is still too young to really grasp what it is all about, and it may be good to have it on the hand for next year. I can't wait to start our Advent calendar, that I created last year, and get it started. I need to dig it out of the storage in our basement after Thanksgiving is over. I am so excited to celebrate St. Nick's. I plan on starting it up this year, and it should be fun! The great way to kick-off December is to celebrate Dickens of Christmas. It is a cute tradition that our little town has every year! I am excited for the first snowfall. You see, once that magical excitement of the first snowfall fades away, and the snow turns yellow and gray; it is when I am sick of the snow, and want warm weather back. But for now, I just want snow mainly to see Forrest's reaction to it. Speaking about that, I need to get Forrest a snowsuit. I can't wait to put in DVDs of Rudolph, and all the Christmas movies then play Christmas music. Seriously, Christmas is my second favorite holiday! 

Anyway, I am curious how Forrest will react to all of this. He may be a bit young to fully understand what is going on, yet at the same time, he will be closer to being 1 1/2 years old so perhaps he will grasp some of it. 

I am ready to say good-bye to 2013. It has not been an awesomely great year, but it has not been so bad either. It is just an ordinary year, I suppose. Nothing memorable, I think. The best thing about this year has been watching Forrest grow from a baby to a toddler. That is a neat thing to watch your kid grow.

I have a lot of things to look forward to next year especially in the summer. I'll be standing up in one of my best friend's wedding in June. Stu, and I are already planning a weekend trip out there, and leave Forrest in our family's hands. I'm a bit nervous just thinking about that. You see, I have not had Forrest away from me for longer than a few hours! The idea of him being gone away from us all weekend makes me slightly apprehensive because I want to make sure that he is completely safe, and that whoever has him for the weekend is careful about his peanut allergy. Even if Forrest doesn't have a peanut allergy, I will still probably be nervous about leaving Forrest behind, because I am a first-time mom. At the same time, I am really excited about going out of the town just with Stu. Just two of us! It will be nice to reconnect, and revisit the good ole days of just two of us (it feels like such a distant memory with just two of us) especially on the eve of our third wedding anniversary!

In July, we are heading down to my hometown to watch my brother marry his long-time fiancee. It is surreal because I remember Alex as a little boy, and suddenly, he is getting married. Sometimes, I still see that young boy clamoring to have found dinosaur bones from digging up in our gravel driveway, and running around in the dizzying circles as we play tag. I am truly happy for Alex, and Girl Alex. It will be a beautiful day. I look forward to watching them tie the knot, and dancing the night away. Er, maybe not the whole night away, seeing that I will have almost 2-year old wanting to go to bed when it gets to be too late.

In August, my sister is getting married! It is mind-boggling to have not one sibling, but two siblings to be getting married next year. I am so ecstatic because Lauren is going to marry one of the most awesome guys I have ever known, Joey, and they compliment each other so well. I am a matron of honor, Stu is one of the groomsmen, and Forrest is a ring-bearer! The whole family is involved in Lauren and Joey's wedding. It will be fun, and emotional as well. Oh, how do I love the weddings. My favorite part is the ceremony. It is the best part of the wedding because you get to see the groom's reaction to the bride, that love between the couple, reciting the vows, and the final part that is being announced that they are now married.

After all the excitement with the weddings, Forrest will be two years old, and can you imagine that? My baby is propelling away from being a baby to being a little boy, and I thank gods that I have time to process all this! I may start toilet training Forrest if he exhibits the readiness. I am hoping to have him to be out of cloth diapers by the time he is 2 and half. Hope, and having to to happen is two different things! So we will see how that goes, alright?

While it is fun to look forward to what will happen next year, I need to ground myself, and focus on what is happening in the now. In the now, holidays are about to arrive, and I am excited about all the festiveness about to happen. We have a large turkey in the freezer, and I plan on attempting at baking the turkey this month. It will be nice to have leftovers like turkey sandwiches, to name one, to have for lunch in the course of the month. I am determined to finish Christmas shopping this month because I hate shopping in December. I mean, I hate the crowds, traffic, and the craziness of holiday shopping. I'm off to a great start in completing holiday shopping. Sweet, huh.

I am also teaching Forrest how to use cutlery. Right now, he uses it to play with his food instead of actually using it, and I have faith that he will pick up on what to do with them eventually. I mean, he does have a grasp of how to spoon soup to his mouth. It is a start, isn't it?