Thursday, November 14, 2013

This Is Just Too Much

When I learned that Forrest had a peanut allergy, we made a lifestyle change by giving up peanuts, and it was an adjustment. I had to read labels. When there was no allergen warning on the product, I researched the product online until I was able to detect the allergens found inside the product, and mark it as safe/unsafe for my future knowledge. It was not that difficult to give up on products that had peanuts in them. However, I felt guilty that I was able to enjoy certain candies or cookies whereas Forrest was unable to eat them. I felt like a thief on the sly, eating the forbidden fruit in the other room, or during Forrest's nap time, and after he went to bed. I did not like having to worry about contact rash, and wondering if I was being proactive enough to ensure that there was absolutely no residue left behind to onset an allergic reaction for Forrest. Eventually, I just gave up on doing that altogether. 

Until I found something incredible.

Enjoy Life candy bar caught my eye in the health food section at our local food store. In excitement, I grabbed the Dark Chocolate Enjoy Life Bar. It was free of 8 major allergens as show in the picture down below:

How awesome is that? The best part? It didn't taste like crap. It actually tasted good! I ended up researching Enjoy Life site, and it was a great site. It basically served desserts like cookies, candy bars, baking chocolate, cereals, and seed/fruit mixes. 

I highly recommend this site. It's not only good for food allergies, but for those with Celiac Disease, and living Gluten-free lifestyle. Parents living with food allergies, or parents who have children with food allergies know that those food are typically unsafe food found everywhere else because it contains any of 8 top allergens including Gluten. If you want to eat something guilt-free, then this site is for you! Also, this can be found in your local food store's health/organic food section as well.

You can thank me later.

Aside from this excitement, things are going pretty good in Russ household. I admit that I've been lagging a bit in blogging lately mainly due to holidays coming up. The truth to be told, I don't have much to say these days. I believe in quality instead of quantity, you know?

I am done with holiday shopping for my side of the family. I'd say that 85% of shopping was done through online. Why? I despite shopping between the months of November-December. I don't like Black Friday. I don't like crowds. People that get prissy, loud, bumpy, and rush into getting things off the shelves. I hate long lines at the check-out lines. I don't like traffic. People don't know how to park. They cut each other off. They steal spots from each other. There's too much competition in the parking lot. Throw in milling people, and trying not hit them as you weave around them. Even worse if there is little kids running around amok while their parents are too busy dumping gifts in the back of their fancy SUV's. The energy I pick up from people is overwhelming, and it makes me anxious. It is quite overwhelming for an introvert like me.

Online? Oh, that's easy. I compare prices. I get the best deal as possible. Click, click, and click. Done! I save even more with coupons, and free shipping with the promo codes. The hard part is just having to wait for the items to arrive at my house. I have to resist temptation from kissing my mailman or UPS man every time he brings a box to the front door. I adore snail mail. It is something that is long-forgotten especially with technology advancing like crazy these days. Snail mail? It's something of the past, which makes me one very sad woman, because I absolutely love snail mail. To get packages in the mail, even if it's not for me, is exciting! I love picking out a gift for someone, and ultimately giving it to them. It's more fun to give than to receive, methinks. Anyway, shopping online is much better, in my humble opinion. I'll be more than glad to leave it up determined yet slightly insane shoppers wanting to hit the mall, and stores to get gifts.

I'm debating if I should send out holiday cards this year. Really, I'm terrible. I started writing a holiday letter one year--the same year I got pregnant with Forrest--and had so much grief with it. My printer broke. I had to run to an office max store and shell out so much money for printed letters. Then Layla ate a few letters. *le sigh* Too much hassle, I tell you. Yet at the same time, I loved writing letters, and sharing what was going on in our lives. It was just the "sending off" part that jaded me.

I'm a walking contradiction.

So, I propose an easier solution this year. I'm just going to grab a holiday card, maybe stick a family photo, and viola! I'm done. That way, I get to satisfy my snail mail bug, spread a holiday cheer, and to remind people that they are wonderful. Besides, a lot of people do read my blog, and they are already updated. The holiday letter would be kind of a moot point.

Anyway, it is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is nearly here in a couple weeks. I feel like as I grow older, the faster time seem to fly, and it is a totally paradox because when as a child, I feel that time is going so slow, and life is just dragging on. Then boom, I become a certain age, and life is flying by. I suppose it is why I often pause, and say thanks for what I do have in my life. It helps to stay mindful, and to be appreciative of the moment.