Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What We Have Been Up To Lately......

My kid is going through this age where he is starting going through phases that can drive this mama quite crazy. It is a good thing that I have a tons of patience to begin with. Forrest is enthralled with standing so close to TV. I have to often remind him to back up, and sit in his big boy chair rather than standing so close to the TV. I have to do this multiple times during the viewing time. I guess it is good exercise for me to stand up, then sit down, then sit up, then sit down million of time. The second phase that Forrest quite enjoy doing is tossing toys over the baby gate into the kitchen hallway right smack into dog water bowl dish. He can make a mountain of toys within seconds. The minute I clean up the mess, return them to the play area, Forrest gathers the same toys, and toss them over the baby gate. I end up giving up on cleaning after him, and let the toys sit in the hallway until Forrest loses interest, and walks off. Then I clean up. The last, but not the least, Forrest is starting to become more expressive with his frustration. It is really cute. I try not to laugh, and it is just so darn cute. He squeezes his hands, shakes his little body, and goes MMMmmmmmmMMMMM! I swear that Forrest is going on one to thirteen year-old. 

Toddler years is definitely not for the weak of heart. It is amazing how somebody so little can test your patience, and sanity, I mean that in a good sense of humor.  It is all about a child's development, learning what is okay, and what is not okay, and establishing rules for him/her to follow. Or maybe this is just a test run for when they become teenagers? Either way, your toddler is going to give you run for your money.

I spent a whole afternoon the other day filling out holiday cards to many lucky recipients while watching Polar Express with Forrest. I loved seeing a bunch of addresses on the envelope, and felt pretty lucky to have friends near, and far. It was so much fun to have a preview of what yet was to come, a bunch of Christmas movies, and getting into Christmas mood. I decided to send off the cards after Thanksgiving because I felt that it was a bit too early to be sending them out right now. Thanksgiving holiday needed to celebrated first, methinks. 

That reminds me, I need to buy Polar Express book for Forrest. I have a quite few Christmas books that I want to buy for my little guy. Any recommendations? We currently do have T'was The Night Before Christmas poem, and Santa is Coming to Wisconsin.

I am planning on creating a few new traditions. One is to buy a Christmas book every year for Forrest to put in his stocking. I really want to instill our love of reading to Forrest, and any of our future kids we might have eventually. Hence, it is why I'm asking for book recommendations if you have any to share with me? 

Since we are traveling for Christmas, and most likely won't be having a Christmas at home anytime soon, it can be hard to incorporate certain traditions, that I had growing up, for Forrest to experience. It is why I am going to spread some of those traditions throughout the month of December, and bring some with us as we travel. One of those examples that we will be bringing with us would be a Christmas Eve pajamas box. 

Is there any traditions that you celebrate with your family at home or while traveling? Share if you would like! 

I am still struggling with figuring out why Forrest has such terrible flare up on his face. I am currently withholding humus from Forrest's lunch, in case if the chickpeas (which is also a part of legume family) is the culprit, and I am beginning to think it is not the culprit at all. Matter of fact, the red patches on Forrest's face got worse despite my attempts at managing it with natural Eczema lotion. I prefer not to use stronger medication such as a steroid topical lotion because the patches are so close to Forrest's mouth, and steroid topical lotion can also cause the flare-up to become aggressively worse. 

Poor kid, huh. 

Because of this, I am going reintroduce oatmeal milk back into his diet, and see if the spots fade away. A part of me would rather not to quit completely on cow's milk mainly because I am afraid that if I do this then Forrest will become increasingly intolerant to milk because his body won't be able to build up immunity to accustom itself to cow's milk. I am intolerant to cow's milk including plain ice cream. It is why I love eating at Cold Stone Creamery because they carry custard, and custard has different properties in it; therefore, it is easier on my stomach. I'm going off topic here....anyway, I would like Forrest not to end up like me, and not be able to handle dairy on top of his peanut allergy. That poor kid has a lot against him right now, and my hope is that he will outgrow dairy allergy by the time he turns 3 like many others kids do.

I'm going to make a new batch of Oat Milk today, and hopefully, within a week, I will see a result, and have patches fade away. If not, then I'm going to scream because I have no idea what else could be causing the patches to flare up. 

The other day, I went to the dentist, and it went really well. My teeth was in great shape, and everything looked good. I was really happy about that! On the other hand, my husband was not as lucky. He had a few cavities. Because of that, we decided that we were going to help him eliminate soda from his diet. 

Any tips on how to make soda habit to be broken faster, and easier? What can be substituted in the place of soda? I am really determined to help Stu kick this habit to the corner for once, and all!! I am not of much help for Stu because I don't drink soda. I drink water, juice, tea, and COFFEE, of course. Very rarely, soda. When I do drink soda, I get the worse gut rot EVER, and it is not worth it for me. But for Stu, he LOVES soda. I need to find something that replaces soda, but tastes as equally good without causing problems for his teeth! 

Besides, I want both of us to instill good healthy habits for Forrest to follow, and incorporate into his life as he gets older. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to completely ban soda from Forrest's life. He will have it. I am not gung-ho about that. At the same time, I don't want soda to be at the dining table for supper every night or as a daily drink. Because of this, Stu really need to be able to kick soda habit to the corner! 

We are still watching Sons of Anarchy. I think we are on season 4. We are kind of slow with SOA because of Stu's schedule, and it is our thing to watch it together. Once we are done with SOA, and waiting for Netflix to add new season, we are going to start Dexter, and I am excited about that!

During Forrest's nap time, I watch an episode or two of Army Wives, and I absolutely love the show. I'm getting to the juicy part of the series, and I love the cast. I've been blazing through the series faster than I did with Buffy. I'm kind of dreading the end of Army Wives, especially in the latter seasons, because I heard some things that are not so great about the show, due to the original cast leaving the show, and it becoming less exciting to watch. But I need to watch, and determine for myself if it's true or not. 

The other day, I made my own mixture of fruit squeezies for Forrest, and saved some for myself as well! The reason why I wanted to make my own mixture was because I used to buy Plum Organics Pouches all of the time for Forrest, and it was getting to to be expensive. It was organic, and top of the line brand name. However, the real reason was because Forrest got food poisoning off Plum organic Pouches. He was really sick from eating them. At first, I had no idea that it was making him sick until I learned...a week later...that the items were spoiled, and recalled by the company. I was very unhappy about that. The thing was, the pouches was in good shape, and it was not swollen or smelled funky. It gave me absolutely no indication that it was spoiled, and I kept giving those to him. 

I felt so terrible when I learned that the items were spoiled, and Forrest was eating them! I called the company to complain. All I got out of the deal was voucher cards to buy more of their items. What? No thank you, my friend! I just wanted a refund, and decided it was not worth the pursue to get money back. I was told that they were going to call me to follow up...never happened. I was pretty jaded. 

Because of that, I thought of this...hey why don't I make my own! So I did.....as it turned out, they tasted amazing! I felt confident about giving them to Forrest because I knew what exactly were going in the mixture. I bought the fruit and vegetable produces! I handpicked them so I knew for fact that they were not spoiled. Besides, it was not a big deal to make the mixtures...it was easy, and fun. It literally only took me less than 15 minutes to make 3 bags of mixture! 

Now, I just need to find reusable pouch and/or disposable pouches to put the mixture in. Then we are set to go!

This experience has really confirmed why I should continue making everything from scratch. Fortunately for me, I love to prep, cook, and share food to be consumed. It is one of the reasons why I feel lucky to be able to stay at home because I have time to do this, and I find that I feel better to know what is being put in our food. Forrest's peanut allergy has concreted my love of making everything from scratch--and it is why it does not feel like it is a HUGE lifestyle change for me to cook, and bake.