Friday, December 13, 2013

A Life With A Toddler Is Never Boring.....

I am pretty sure that it is safe to say that Forrest is feeling much better. He still has moments where he just gets cranky for no real good reason. His molar teeth on the top are still emerging, and even at that, the worse is over. Now, I'm waiting for the bottom molars, and canine teeth to come in. Teething can be a tough gig. 

The other day, I was in bathroom for less than two minutes, and realized that it was way too quiet. Forrest was not in his customary places; his play-area, or on the sofa watching Sesame Street, and Layla was also a-missing. I walked around the first floor--we had recently taken down baby gates on the entire first floor seeing that Forrest has managed to get through one of the "gates"--and found conspirators in the dining room. 

Yep, Forrest had managed to take down a box of Cheerios, dumped it all over the floor, and tried to clean it up! Layla rejoiced at the sight of free food, and allowed her appetite take over her mind. The minute Forrest had realized that he had been caught, he grew very upset, and flipped a bird. I assured him that all was good, and vacuumed the mess.

I tell you, a life with a toddler is never boring!