Thursday, December 26, 2013

Among Christmas Madness

We are back home from our first leg of Christmas Madness, and I am quite exhausted from all the events that had transpired along with traveling. Among the huge piles of gifts, wrapping tissues, and papers; there is dirty clothes to be laundered, toys to be put away, projects to be sewn, kitchen appliances to be tested, and bags to be unpacked. Thankfully, I have until tomorrow evening to do it all, well, minus testing out the kitchen appliances. They have to wait until the holiday madness is OVER. 

We had a blast visiting my side of the family. The last two days had been the craziest part of Christmas. We visited, ate a lot of great food, opened amazing gifts, watched our boy open the gifts, gave gifts to our loved ones, and participated in a lot of holiday festiveness. Among the holiday festiveness, Stu, and I managed to go out on a date, the first one that we have had alone since Forrest was born, and it was great!

Forrest came to bed rather late on both nights, quite exhausted, and tuckered out. He was kind of underwhelmed by the unwrapping part of the gifts, and did not have much interest in that part. However, the gifts themselves? He loved them. He didn't understand why he got so many things, and was overwhelmed by number of toys he received, especially the mega-blocks, which ended up being one of his favorite gifts. 

Forrest had been trooper for the last two days with so many sights to be seen, and sounds to be heard. However, by the end of the second day, Forrest had enough, as the picture down below evidenced: 

So, yeah, little buddy had enough. 

This Christmas is a bit rather overwhelming for me as a parent. It is a good overwhelming feeling though! It is just that so many people wanted to see us, so many things to be done, and so many things that are being given, and received. I have never been so happy with how well everything had turned out. It is only the beginning, though. 

We are heading up north to the Farm to spend time with the Russ family. I wish we could stay a bit longer than just a weekend. That's what future visits are for though! On this upcoming Sunday, I have to go through the motion all over again with the laundry, cleaning, unpacking, then packing up once again to make a trek down back to my hometown, all because my sister is coming home for a visit from Texas! I absolutely cannot wait!

I am looking forward seeing my sister, and my soon-to-be brother in the law, then go dress shopping with my sister. It will be a blast!! 

So, I hope you had a really wonderful Christmas, and that things are winding down for you guys!