Wednesday, December 4, 2013



our fake tree. who knew it would look so pretty, and realistic. 
bonus: i recently bought scented pine ornament sticks so it smells like a real tree!
big bauble ornaments.
my little boy sitting on sofa.
seeing the month of december filled with all plans to be done.
our new advent calendar.
homemade fruit smoothes especially the blackberries mixed with bananas, and beets. yum!
string cheese sticks.
snow, even though it has yet to stick to the ground for more than a day.
christmas cards.
forrest signing a sentence: eat more, eat more, and eat more! 
forrest waving daddy good-bye before he heads out to work.
make-ahead breakfast egg sandwiches. 


i just finished Allegiant. wow! what an ending!! totally unexpected!! i didn't see that coming...
(on a separate note: divergent movie will be released in March of '14!) 

i need to find next book to read; either in death series, or finish storyteller before actually moving on to a new book.


sons of anarchy season 4 is coming to the end. i can't believe how dark, and twisted the show is becoming! i would love to say more regarding my thoughts with soa, but i don't want to spoil anything! we are kind of slow with viewing soa because of stu's hectic work schedule, but we are determined to finish out season 4 before christmas.

i am on the last episode of army wives season 5. it is right on the brink of when everything changes in the series, and it is what lost viewers' interest in continuing to watch beyond season 5, but i want to see for myself to decide. anyway, a large round of applause goes to army wives for introducing a character living with hiv, and getting ALL INFORMATION right about hiv for a change.


how much i want a riding crop boots. i saw a pair at target, and am really itching to buy one. i have a pair with heels, which is nice, but not practical with a toddler, and i want a flat riding crop boots. 

i guess i should wait until after christmas for it to go on sale. 


spending christmas with my side of family this year.
visiting Grandma bernice, and the russ family.
christmas food. 
giving gifts!
shopping to get a few more gifts to wrap up.
watching forrest enjoy christmas. 
making turkey. let's see how it turns out, won't we?
dress shopping for my sister to find her wedding dress in January!
dickens of christmas this weekend.


spending time with forrest, and stu.
knowing that christmas is just around the corner.
reciting 12 days of dog christmas on my FB profile.
wrapping christmas gifts.
sending out holiday cards.
getting holiday cards.
our christmas tree.
watching forrest making connections in his language development.
this gif of captain picard dancing. makes me giggle.
pay forward from strangers, and friends--keep kindness going!

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  1. have no idea how twisted it gets lady!! SOA seasons 5 and 6 will blow your mind! Love love love. :)