Monday, December 9, 2013

Molars Can Suck It

This weekend was spent with a lot of cuddles, and watching classic Christmas movies. Initially, I planned on going to Dickens of Christmas over the weekend. I was planning on taking Forrest with me to the window display on Friday evening. However, with -4 weather chill, and Forrest acting a bit off; I decided it was not worth the trip, and stayed in. Well, there was next time, right? Forrest was not feeling awesome on Saturday. Stu was dealing with a mild case of a head cold, which I have dubbed as "end of the season coaching" crash, since he always seemed to get it every year when his busy schedule winded down. I decided to cancel my plan with my good friend, and her twins on that day for Christmas events since neither Forrest, and Stu were feeling awesome. 

On Sunday, Stu let me to sleep in since I allowed him to sleep in on Saturday. What a nice compromise, right? I woke up to find our little guy not wanting to do anything except lay on Stu's chest. Stu mentioned to me that he had been laying on Stu all morning, despite eating breakfast, and having some water and milk. I wanted to check Forrest's temperature, and well...

Two of our digital thermometers broke. So much for technology. I ended up buying a plain Vick's stick thermometer, and it worked like a charm for monitoring Forrest's temperature. 

It was when we discovered two large molars coming in on the top along with canine teeth! What a poor kid. After a few months of no new teeth, new ones came rather relentlessly, and caused disruption in our lives. 

Seriously...molars can suck it. 

 Thankfully, his temperature did plummet from 101 to 98 degrees overnight. 

Today, Forrest seems to be doing a bit better, with some food, liquid, and children's ibuprofen in his system, and he's up running amok around the entire first floor. While it does suck to deal with him not feeling well, I am also relieved that we are dealing with this NOW instead of during Christmas travels, and at other people's houses. It would be no fun for him to not be feeling well on such fun occasion. Hopefully, bottom molars, and canines can hold off until after Christmas.   

On a separate note, Stu brought us a jug of eggnog! So yummy!! However, it was a bit too much for both of us to drink it all, and I didn't want it to go imagine my excitement when I saw an eggnog recipe for cookies on one of my fellow blogger's blog! I figured once my little guy is feeling better, then I will whip up this recipe!