Monday, December 2, 2013

Turkey Coma Is Over....Bring on Christmas!

Turkey coma is over. Sort of. While Thanksgiving is over, I do plan on baking a turkey that we have gotten from our neighbor, and make ourselves a second Thanksgiving meal. I figure that it will be nice to use up the turkey, and have leftover meat for lunch sandwiches. The trouble is that the turkey is quite frozen, and there is no way I can speed up the thawing process. Off it goes into the fridge for a couple days until it is thawed out. 

We spent our Thanksgiving up at the Farm. It was a really wonderful time with the family. I relaxed, slept in a bit, and acted like a total glutton. Yum. I definitely had to pull out my loose pants on Thanksgiving, and it was worth it. Forrest was mister sneaky. He went around asking for a piece of pie from each person that had a plate of pie in their hand. Needless to say, Forrest had a sugar rush that day. We also double-checked who we had for our secret santa recipients before I started shopping for them! 

We received an amazing gift from Aunt Kathy; her daughter is currently living in Germany, and because of her visit to Germany, she picked up an advent calendar for us. I had never seen advent calendar in this style before since I am far accustomed to a block with little doors to be opened to reveal candies inside. I also have my advent calendar that I made from last year: Advent Calendar. I need to remake some tags because I lost some from the move. Anyway, we have two now, and I must admit that I really love the advent that Kathy gave to us. It's currently hanging on our living room wall. Yes, I do plan on framing the picture of Forrest or even change the scenery of the wall once Christmas is over. 

Stu, and I recently purchased a new tree. It's a fake tree, and it is a decision that I agonized over a bit. You see, I grew up with a real Christmas tree. I have so many memories of us going up north with Steve, and Mom to cut down a tree, and bringing it back home, then having my siblings, and I go through at least 4-6 boxes of ornaments that are gathered over the years to be hung up on the tree. I love the feeling of family closeness, spirit of Christmas, and decorating the house for Christmas. The feel of pine needles, and smell of it brings me back to those memories. 

When Stu, and I first got married; we did get a fake tree that was on a sale from Stein's store, and it was wrecked after a few weeks with no thanks to our trouble-maker cat, Missy Girl. It was a pain to assemble, and unassemble due to all the pre-lit strings attached to the tree. We tried to save it, but ended up tossing it out. Then I got pregnant with Forrest, we picked out a small real tree, and it was really difficult to maintain it with us being gone for most of December due to traveling. It was brown, dead, and the needles were everywhere (again, due to the cats playing with the tree) by the time we got back. It took me forever to vacuum the needles out of the really sucked as a pregnant lady to bend over to pick up individual needle that the vacuum did not suck up. 

The year that Forrest was born, he was only 4-month old, and I was so sleep deprived. I had no energy to decorate. I just put up some lights, and that was it. 

This year, I was very determined to come up with something, and to decorate! Stu, and I looked around for fake trees. We decided to give it one more shot, and look for a good quality tree. I wanted something that looked somewhat realistic, and fuller than most. We also agreed almost immediately that we didn't want a pre-lit tree! We found a tree at Shopko for a decent price, and it was what we looked for! I spent the whole morning yesterday working on the tree. It was a lot of work, but worth it! I left the bottom of the tree blank because I worried that Forrest was going to be absolutely fascinated by the tree, and wanted to play with it. I also only hung up safe ornaments, and left the glass, or the fragile in the boxes to be opened for the future years to come yet. After working on the tree, I stepped back, feeling rather proud, and admired the tree. It looked great. 

On the other hand, Forrest would have cared less. He barely glanced at the tree, and left it alone. I was relieved! Our tree remained safe from a curious toddler. Or at least for this year. 

Last night, Stu, and I sat on our sofa across from our prettily-lit tree. I complemented for a bit, then pointed out how quickly time was going this year. I was amazed at how fast 2013 flew by especially the month of November! Stu agreed that with all the plans set in the place for December, this month was also going to fly really fast, and before we knew it, it was going to be 2014!