Monday, December 16, 2013

What I Have In My Stash: Pocket Diapers

I have been diapering Forrest since he was 6-7 months old. Forrest is now almost year, and half old (where does the time go, really), and he is still wearing cloth diapers! I absolutely love cloth diapers, and it has saved us a lot of money in needing to buy disposable diapers. To this date, pocket diapers remain my favorite. I have about 6 different types in my stash right now.


The first one I have is Tiny Tush Elite diaper that I picked up from a local cloth diaper store. I really like it a lot. It fits on Forrest very well especially around his waist. This is becoming one of my fast favorites, and I plan on picking up more of this eventually. I can't say much about long-term, because we only have had this for a few uses. It has held up well in the washing, and the pattern is fun (it reminds me of our college colors)! 

(I can't picture my own right now because it's dirty so I have to settle for a picture from internet)


Bumgenius 4.0 Pocket diaper has held up for a long time. I really like it especially now Forrest is older. The color has not faded, and the insert works great. I only need one insert, and it holds up great. It wraps around Forrest's waist perfectly, and doesn't leave any marks. The PUL (elastic) is still in a great shape. Granted, I don't dry my diapers in the dryer machine, but rather hang them up. It does contribute to longevity of the PUL inside my cloth diapers. It isn't that super bulky, and has grown with Forrest very well. It's becoming one of my fast favorites for toddler diaper wear. 

It is funny because when Forrest was younger, I had no preference to Bumgenius 4.0, because it was super bulky on Forrest, and I found that I often used this for nap-time. Today, I find that I prefer this for anytime, because it's really nice. I am actually considering about investing more in this brand down the road. The only disadvantage is that they don't have a lot of fun solid colors.

Cost-wise, this is a bit expensive, and it ranges from $17 to $20, depending on where you purchase them from. I can really vouch that it LASTS a long time, is in great quality, and the customer service at is great. This is made in US. So, the shipping won't take a long time if you order it online.


I ordered Kawaii diapers because I wanted to try something different, and to figure out the overnight solution. I was unable to solve the wetting problem I had with cloth diapers for overnight, so I gave up on it, and decide to stick to using them for day-time only. Anyway, Kawaii was the cheapest in my lot (one cost only 8 dollars). Five of my Kawaiis lasted pretty long time, and held up well, however, one of them failed to stay up to their standard. The snap button broke off after only 3 uses. I was unhappy about it! Again, I didn't dry my covers in the drying machine, and I always snap them close before I tossed them in the washing machine. But for $8, what did I expect, really? It also didn't fit Forrest the best since they all came in varying size despite it being "one-size". Forrest ended up having marks on his waist, and around thighs from this brand. It didn't seem to bother Forrest, but I was not sure if it was that entirely comfortable for him.

Now, this is made in China factory, and there is no one set size standard for each cover. So each cover is slightly different in size. It's only one disadvantage to this. While a few of Kawaiis fits Forrest pretty well around the waist, there are also a couple that doesn't fit him that great, and I'm on the last 2 row of tabs for Forrest. 

This is not my favorite lot even though it's nice for cheap cloth diaper. The quality isn't terrible. Just that I'm not crazy about them. My only suggestion is that you should buy it from US retailer instead of straight from China--their customer service is AWFUL, and their website is a hot mess. To go with US retailer will make your life easier--I did go with US retailer, and the lady was super nice--she even offered to replace the one with broken snap at little cost. 


Blueberry is a diaper I also picked up from a local cloth diaper store. It's really nice...but, not my favorite either. The wrap-around is very short in length and I doubt this one will last us a long time, despite this being one-size diaper that is supposedly to "grow" with your toddler. I think the biggest pitfall is having a short length in flaps to wrap around the baby's waist, especially if you have a bigger baby, or toddler. The flap in the back tore a bit when I stuffed it. Believe me, I don't stuff it that hard, and I do take a good care of my diapers. So I am not very sure about its quality anymore. It is really cute, and soft on the inside, even after a few washes. It is not a diaper I would invest in, unless if I have a small toddler. Maybe it would be better for an infant (under a year old) instead of for a toddler. 


Charlie Banana remains one of my favorite. I love the material. It lasts me a very long time. It is a slim fit, and doesn't give Forrest a big booty, even with it being doubled stuffed. The snaps are intact, and the material inside is soft after months, and months of Forrest wearing it. The only disadvantage to this is that after a long time of using this, the PUL on the top part where you wrap the diaper around the waist to snap on in the front start to fold inward. So it can be annoying. It's not terribly bad, or affects the look of diaper at all. It is just a quirk of mine to find this annoying. The PUL on the sides are still in a very great shape. 

This diaper brand is made in Hong Kong. While some people are iffy about diapers made in other countries, I can vouch for Charlie Banana's quality, and customer service. I ordered 6 diapers, and they arrived within a week! This brand is slightly expensive, and it is around $20 per diaper. I think it is worth the buy, and the quality is great. The consumer service is pretty swift, and nice. I don't have any complaint about them.

I prefer their solid colored diapers over patterned ones though. No real reason other than a personal preference! *Even though, I am on a look-out for a mustache diaper, and military designed diaper*


I bought two hand-made cloth diapers from my friend, Sarah, and she did a fantastic job. The diapers remained a perfect fit on Forrest, and everything remained intact. The fabric did become a bit worn from repeated washing, and I found that I actually liked the worn look of it--more unique, I say. The stuffing was easy because the back was wide, which gave my hand better access to stuff the diaper (I think it was why Blueberry diaper flap tore a bit because the width was not wide enough to give my hand-arm room to stuff it). 

I hope to make my own cloth diapers down the road. If I do, then I may end up copying this style, since it has everything I really like. It is almost like Bumgenius 4.0 pocket diaper, so it is pretty sweet! 

Overall, I find that I love Charlie Bananas, Bumgenius 4.0, Tiny Tush Elite, and hand-made cloth diapers. I would be careful with certain hand-made cloth diapers, and what type it is, because I did buy AIO cloth diaper from Etsy seller...well, it turned out to be a pain in the butt. I could not get rid of the smell in it, and I can't add, or subtract the amount of inserts in that diaper. It is one of the reasons why I find that I prefer pocket diapers the most.