Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Reflection of 2013

I am so ready to say good-bye to 2013. The truth to be told, it has not been a very great, or eventful year. I can go into details about what went wrong, or what I did not like about 2013...but, is it really worth dwelling on the bad? As much as I am looking forward to 2013 to be over, there are some things that I really have loved, and enjoyed being a part of, and it is better to remember those times. 

In May, we moved out of our tiny upstairs duplex apartment into a bigger duplex house. It was great to go from like 800 SQ. feet to 1,500 SQ feet with 3 floors (basement, first floor, and second floor), and it definitely accommodated to our expanding family! The best part was that we moved back to a town where Stu, and I first met in college. It was wonderful to close the circle in such a fun way. Our brood of pets also appreciated the larger space to run amok around, and to lounge in! 

In the summer months, we traveled, and visited our family. Stu, and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary! Forrest got baptized in July by the same pastor, who married us, and it was a wonderful occasion. We attended a couple weddings as well! I took a lot of long summer walks with Forrest, and hiked a few times with him, and our dog. It was hard to believe that Forrest was ever that little!! 

I had a wonderful time doing monthly pictures of Forrest, and watching him grow up. I am constantly amazed by all the developmental milestones that he has achieved in a year! Forrest has grown from a little bean to a babbling, active toddler that loves to get into everything! With all amazing fests that Forrest accomplished, we learned shortly before Forrest's first birthday that he has a peanut allergy, and had to adapt to nut-free lifestyle. It is funny, because when we first found out--it was OMG big deal...and now it's like psh, it's a walk in the park! We celebrated Forrest's first birthday in August with a fun photo session with Michelle, and later, a big birthday bash with our family there! We really can't imagine what our lives are like before Forrest; he is really meant to be in our lives, and us to be his parents. 

In the fall months, we attended a lot of fun festivals, and activities such as September Fest, trick-n-treating, and fall festival. I had one of my best friends visit us for a week, and half! It was so GREAT to be able to catch up, and take a stroll down a memory lane. It was hard to believe that G, and I had been friends for nearly twenty-one years. With G, and Forrest, we took Layla to vet to be examined, and got her shots updated. It was when we learned that our Miss Layla was older than she was originally estimated by our first vet! She was estimated to be 8 years old instead of 6. It explained some of her grumpiness! We also learned that she needed an extensive dental cleaning, which was set for February-ish, to be done to have plague tartar removed from her teeth. 

As the weather turned cold, we bulked up to stay warm, and visited family for Christmas. We traveled A LOT, and racked up my Jeep mileage. It was so wonderful to kick back, and relax for Christmas. Fortunately, this brought Forrest, and I to the very last leg of holiday madness travelling. We definitely missed being at home, sleeping in our beds, and being back to our daily routine. It was worth seeing our family, and friends. 

Yes, 2013 may have been an uneventful year, but at least, we have a lot of wonderful memories to be put close to our hearts. Having said all this, I am looking forward to 2014! We have tons of weddings to stand up in, and attend. We have a few great things to look forward to, and can't announce about them just yet seeing that they aren't set in the stone. When it does happen, then I will definitely share! 

Have a wonderful time tonight, and do stay safe!