Monday, January 13, 2014

18 Months Sleep Regression Is No Bueno

It is hard to believe that my little boy is no longer a baby, but a toddling toddler, and I'm left wondering where time has gone. Forrest is now learning how to use spoon, and fork. He is able to grasp the idea of spooning into the applesauce, and feeding himself that way. It is a bit messy, and still a work in process. Nonetheless, I am pretty proud of my little boy. We have also put him in a booster seat instead of keeping him in a highchair with a tray. Forrest loves being able to eat at the table with us, and we enjoy watching his joy of being a "big boy". 

Forrest has always been fiercely independent, and as it seems to me, in a rush to grow up. I am the same way growing up. I encourage, and nurture Forrest's independence. While I share that trait with him, there is also many traits that is not my own, but Stu's, and Forrest's uniquely own. I enjoy so much watching Forrest grow into his own person. 

I've somewhat figured out what was causing so much problems with sleeping in our household lately. Forrest is on the brink of being done with cutting molar teeth on the bottom. Along with that, I completely forgot about sleep regressions, and apparently, there's 18-month sleep regression. Then there's also 24-months sleep regression. Yay. Nonetheless, Forrest has started sleeping through the night once again, and I am finally starting to feel rested. Stu has chipped in as much as he could last weekend, which I am also grateful for, and we both are quite glad that Forrest is done with cutting molar teeth. It is truly the devil (the molars, I mean). 

Tomorrow, we have an appointment with Forrest's allergist. I am ready to find out what is going on with Forrest, and get answers. His skin is finally clear, and looks great especially so on his face now that teething is done, and milk is taken out of his diet for now. I will keep you guys posted about what I learn tomorrow. 

Stu, and I are done with Sons of Anarchy, and waiting on Season 6 to come on Netflix. In the meanwhile, we just started watching DEXTER. It is off to a slow start, especially after a fast-paced show like SOA, and we like it though. It is funny; one of the characters, who play Dexter's sister, struck me as familiar, and I could not put my finger on who she is. Then I look up on her, and discovers that she was in Exorcism of Emily Rose. 

I laughed about this discovery, because Stu, and I watched Exorcism of Emily Rose forever ago, and it really scared the living shit out of Stu. He didn't like movies that played on realism, and based on "true" events. I decided to play a prank on him, and it was the best prank I have ever pulled on him. Here's the post about it if you want to read about how I pulled it off: Best Prank EVER. When I told Stu that the main character's sister was in the movie, and reminded Stu how I scared the living wits out of him. He scowled at me, and faked laughed along with me. Revenge, my friend, was sweet...even after these years later. 

Things are a bit slow now, but I like it, and it is much-needed after all the holiday madness traveling. Things will be a bit slow in the next couple months, which is pretty much normal for late winters in Wisconsin, and I am trying not to rush through it by thinking, oh my gosh, I wish it's summer already. But the truth to be told, I am already ready for summer to be here. I am very excited for my dear friends' wedding, and my siblings' weddings. It will be a really fun summer, and I am already looking forward to it!