Tuesday, January 7, 2014

BRR.....It's Cold!

Forrest signing EAT EAT EAT
Hey guys, I am back from a brief hiatus from blogging! Forgive me, this is going to be kind long rambly type of post with random pictures that has nothing to do with this post. I can't quite remember where I left off the last time with blogging. Forrest, and I are back home for good with Stu, Layla, and our cats! I am quite happy to be back. There is no place like a home. Currently, I am trying to organize, and clean up every room. The clutter from traveling is driving me crazy. Stu has decided to conform our dining table into his personal workspace, and it is driving me crazy to see how cluttered it is with his school stuff. My goal is to organize, and clean up the dining room then reassign all of Stu's stuff onto a different table nearby. That way, he can clutter it up to his heart's content, and I get to have my dining table back. 

I am quite anxious to start my sewing projects. I am excited to share that I have a sewing machine, that I have gotten from Dad, and Jess for Christmas, and I'm just so anxious to get on at least 4 projects already! I am planning on making a sewing machine cover, backing to about 3 baby quilts I've sewn, and cloth diapers. First, I need to get square measuring thing--my brain is drawing blank as in what to call it, a snapping tool for the snaps, and a guide manual to make cloth diapers. My birthday, that is when I should get them. I am looking into shopping at thrift stores to see if there's any small sewing machine table that I can convert, and use in our bedroom. That way, it can be safely stored away from prying, curious little fingers. 

Forrest is going through a weird phase with sleeping. I am not sure to contribute it to teething, separation anxiety, or allergy-related. At first, I am sure it is allergy-related from being at other people's homes, and not being in controlled environment to reduce his reactions to them. Forrest has been waking up 3-4 hours after falling asleep, screaming his head off, and unable to settle unless he's on me, and I am rocking him back to sleep. The frequency has been growing from one episode...two episodes...and so on in the night.

Forrest's skin got very scaly, red, and chapped especially on his face. Fortunately, Bobbie suggested us to try Eucerin lotion, and it has helped greatly. I use that along with Aveeno Ecezma lotion. I've started bathing Forrest everyday based on an instruction from his allergist. I've changed milk once again in Forrest's diet. He no longer drinks regular milk, but Lactid Whole Milk. It has made a DRASTIC difference for Forrest. Forrest is no longer having gas pains, and his skin is looking better every day. However, sleep still evades us. 

I am pretty sure I have eliminated all contributing factors, such as gas, and itchy skin, and that only left is probably teething. Even at that, I am not convinced completely that it is teething pain, because of the growing frequency of waking up screaming to be assured. I can think of night terrors, teething, or separation anxiety at this point. I am so ready for this strange ailment to fade away, and we all can get sleep! I am feeling quite sleep deprived, and thank gods for coffee! 

I am looking forward to meeting Forrest's allergist on Tuesday of next week to get an insight to our sleeping problems. If she has none to offer, then I may have to get a hold of Dr. Johnson, and see what he has to say. Otherwise, we may have to deal with this until Forrest's 18 months (EEK, 18 months!) check up in February. 

Forrest has not had any explosion in language development yet. Even so, he still communicates by saying a few signs, and can say words such as Dada, Mama, & more, to name a few. Forrest loves to GET INTO EVERYTHING. He is at this age. So I've been constantly picking up after him, especially so in the kitchen, and it feels like I've been having tornadoes leaving its wake everywhere lately! It is okay, though. I like having to stay on my toes, and staying busy. 

In the last two days, Stu has been home with us, due to the extreme cold, and it is nice to have Stu home with us! The only casualty we have from the cold is Stu's little Kia car's battery dying, and not allowing his car to start! Fortunately, Kia's battery is brought back to life by being jumped by the cords attaching to my Jeep. Hopefully, Kia will be okay tomorrow morning for Stu to start up, and go to work! I'm so over this extreme cold. At the same time, I can't complain, because we get to have Stu home with us for a long, long weekend, and our house is fine. Thank goodness for that!

I better get going, and take Forrest out of the cabinet. He's in there right now, happily removing all the bowls out of the cabinet, and putting them on the floor. Life is definitely not boring around here! 

Stay warm, guys!