Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Currently: January Edition


big fat snow flakes.
untouched snow.
snow-globe effect.
big thick blankets.
a hot cup of coffee.
having stu home with us for a long weekend due to 
cold spell again, and cancelling school.
baked bacon.
new tradition of making big hearty breakfast every sunday.
netflix marathons. 
my little guy's personality. he's such a ham.
family stopping by for a visit.
how forrest loves to help me clean things up.
finding a nuk in the washing machine, and how forrest loves to hide things. 


i don't have any book that i am currently reading.
with my birthday coming up, i do have 2 barnes & noble gift cards to spend on the books, and any recommendations? 


since I'm done with army wives, and got bored of nip/tuck after the carver was apprehended on season 3, i think, i moved on to supernatural! i absolutely love it; a good mix of humor, and scary stuff. Bonus: CUTE guys are on this show. 

Still watching Dexter with stu. we are almost done with
season 1, and i have a feeling there will be a cliff-hanger with ice truck killer...


jayden's birthday, and lighting up a candle for him.
monster laundry to wash, dry, and put away.
how it is too cold lately, and pining for 20 degree weather to return without that dang wind sub-zero temperature.
how my 29th birthday is coming up, and stu is treating me for buffalo wild wings birthday meal. can't wait. 
plans for the weekend.
hoping that all is well for my friend, A, and her boy, who was just born a few days ago.
meeting with a wonderful friend this thursday.
all the things i need to do next month.
how nice it is to get sleep back after crazy 18m sleep regression.
how nice forrest's skin is finally looking now he's off bulk of dairy. 


forrest's 18 month check up. i'm curious to see how much he weighs now, and whether he had grown in height (he has not at all at his 12 month check up, ha ha).
meeting with our allergist to discuss about the result of dairy-free trial we did for forrest. 
some babies being born next month among my friends.
my birthday this saturday. 
this crazy cold spell going away?
a lot, a lot, and a lot of sewing projects!!