Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dairy-free Trial

We are currently going through a dairy-free trial for the next two weeks as per our allergist's request. Dr. G wants to evaluate whether the milk is a source of all distress we have been having with Forrest of late seeing that our initial skin prick test has come up inconclusive. With the skin prick test, when you have a reaction to a certain allergen, and your skin will bubble up in a decent-sized blister. With Forrest, he developed barely a blister, or barely anything except a small reddish bump. I think it is probably skewed by him just being weaned from nursing, but I could be wrong. He may not be allergic to the milk itself, but rather his skin reacts negatively to certain allergens. After all, skin is the largest organ on our body, and it does have separate reaction from our internal system. It is what Dr. G suspects that may be the case with Forrest. 

Dr. G gave us her seal of approval with skin management. She was once again impressed with how well we were able to help the flare-up, especially on Forrest's face, to fade away with rigorous lathering, baths, and keeping his skin moisturized. Dr. G did caution us that even with us being diligent with not giving Forrest certain allergen triggers, he still can experience flare-ups, and it will come then goes. It is just the skin that Forrest has. I understand that all too well. 

Growing up, I have had several reactions to food, and none of them were serious. I used to love eat banana peppers, then one day when I was twelve years old, my body decided it had enough. I ended up having swollen feet, and hives all over my body. I continued to get hives periodically after that incident--to what, I did not know, because by then I had given up eating banana peppers. By the time I was in college, I started eating banana peppers once again, and had no reaction. I had no idea why. 

I also thought about my brother, Alex. 

Alex had never liked dairy, especially cheese, and often had his meals made to exclude anything with cheese. It made me wonder if this had any connection to Forrest's possible dairy allergy. He also had been diagnosed with shell-fish allergy in his childhood years. 

Of course, these days, Alex is okay with eating cheese, and drinking milk. On the other hand, I still don't like drinking milk, and never have. I don't like the taste, and texture of the milk. I don't like the after effects of milk (bloat, nausea, cramping, and gas). As it is evidenced by all this, our genes are fallible when it comes to allergies, and skin issues. 

Because of my personal experience, I am hoping that Forrest is the same way with milk, and that he will outgrow. Dr. G is pretty optimistic that Forrest will outgrow this by the time he is three years old. I sure hope so. Having two major allergies are hard to deal with. It is not as shocking, or as a big deal when we are told that Forrest may have a possible dairy allergy. We figure that, well, we are doing pretty good with Forrest's peanut allergy, and it will be the same for dairy allergy. I am hoping that Forrest will be one of those statistics that children will outgrow their dairy allergy. There is a correlation between dairy allergy, and eczema. So, this is not very surprising, and it will be interesting to see how Forrest reacts to dairy after 2-weeks trial of dairy-free period is over. 

We are going to see Dr. G again in 6 weeks, and discuss the result. Then we will go from there as in what to do next. 

We recently started giving Forrest a soy milk. Forrest loved the vanilla flavor of soy milk. I gave it to him at lunch, and Forrest ended up with reddish rash on his face. It was hard to say if it was a direct result of drinking soy milk, or teething itself. Forrest spent the whole afternoon after his nap in a very surly mood, sticking fingers in his mouth, and exercising his vocal cords as loud as he could. Even my poor ears ended up being sore by Forrest's bedtime. He was up last night, feeling very colicky, and cried until 3:30 am. Stu, and I took turns taking care of Forrest. He did not have gas. However, he was in pain from teething. I was on the fence whether soy played a role in this or not. It was just too hard to say, especially with teething going on right now. 

*shakes fist* 

Damn you, molars. I'm tired of this. I'm tired of witnessing my kid in pain, and wish I can take it away from him. People aren't kidding when they say that we won't get sleep until Forrest is three or four years old. Anyway, I am waiting to see if Forrest has a reaction to soy milk from drinking it during breakfast. If he does, then I think I can say that soy milk is out. I hope it is not the case, because finding the right milk has been a real pain in the arse. 

I don't wish food allergies/intolerance upon anyone. 

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  1. My sister has started making her own almond milk flavored with vanilla and real maple syrup. It's really good! A bit lacking in creaminess but that's to be expected. Plus, when she's done making milk she has fresh almond flour which is expensive in store and works pretty well as a replacement for all purpose flour. She flavors the milk after making it so the flour isn't flavored.