Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Giving a Doll To a Boy?

Sleep is still evading us in Russ household.

I was not sure if last night was a fluke, and if I should keep my hope up, but Forrest peacefully slept through the night...until 5:30 am. Then he decided it was time to rise, and shine for the day! Forrest had always been an early bird--he definitely does not get it from me. Nonetheless, he spent the next half hour watching Sesame Street on my Nook while I dozed a bit longer. A perfect solution for our little early bird. I was hoping that 18 months sleep regression was finally at its tail end. It would have been nice if it was.

I have gotten to the point where I considered digging up my old toy bin to retrieve a doll with a long silky hair for Forrest to play with. He had developed a fixation of playing with my hair; combing, yanking, pulling, and simply sinking his little chub fingers into my hair. He loved it when I braided my hair, because that meant he was able to untangle the braids, and pull the strands out of its neatly structured crosses. Forrest absolutely loved standing on the computer chair behind me, stroking, and combing through my hair. I recently had learned that it was a comfort thing. Hence, the idea of doll was born. 


Giving a doll to a boy didn't frazzle me. I have never really understood why some folks were so gender-restricted about toys, clothes, and all that stuff. Gender did not mean one had to fit into a neat little square. That concept bored me, and certainly did not encourage one to explore self. To me, girls seemed to have more freedom than boys when it came to traditional gender roles; being able to wear pants, rough-housing, fishing, camping, hunting, playing in the dirt--all that while still upholding feminine traits such as showing emotions, using make-up, playing with hair, playing with dolls, and shopping. I certainly was able to do both. Boys were unable to do the same, according to our society, and I found it rather silly. 

Matter of fact, this reminds me of a book that I've been wanting to read. The book is called Raising my Rainbow: Adventures in Raising a Fabulous, Gender Creative Son by Lori Duron. I've been following her blog for a year, and half-ish before she published a book! I love her blog--a great voice, and this kid is darn lucky to have such an amazing mother. It is about a little boy, who is transgendered, and how his parents are raising him to be free of traditional gender roles that is placed by our society. They have another son, an older boy, who is not transgendered. It is rather interesting how the parents continually see differences in both of their children (one very male, and one very feminine, yet both are in male bodies). Lori is someone I definitely admire. 

Anyway, I've gotten off topic a bit here. Oops.

So, yes, I've been thinking about introducing a baby doll for Forrest to keep. It is a good practice for him to play a big brother (and no, I am not pregnant), to be gentle with the doll, and to express his softer side. And maybe wreck the doll's hair instead of mine! Aside from a baby doll, we do have a bunch of little dolls for Forrest to play with, and they are WWE figurines. He loves them. And Stu, too. 

We are now on our second week of dairy-free trial. I do see a huge difference with removing milk from Forrest's diet. His skin is much better, and the symptoms have abated. Forrest still has some eczema patch on his face, despite going dairy-free, and I think it is just how his skin is. He does get dry skin easily. I am curious to see how Forrest may react to milk in the food. Stu, and I definitely know that Forrest is done with drinking cow milk, and we should stick with soy milk from now on. 

Going dairy-free definitely has encouraged me to explore other options with making meals without cheese, or milk ingredients. It has been fun experimenting, and finding yummy dishes to make. Recently, I've gotten on a huge sweet fries bend, and I can't seem to get enough of this! It is relatively cheap (under 80 cents per potato), and so easy to make. Just love it! It is like crack, especially with a bit of olive oil, and sea salt, seriously. Try it. You'll love it. Thank me later.