Monday, February 3, 2014

So Now I am 29.....

I turned 29 a couple days ago. Being 29 is no different from being 28, I tell you.  Just one year older, one year wiser, and one year prettier. Heh. Matter of the fact, the other day, I found a white strand in my hair, and plucked it out, then thought to myself, I look forward to having a salt-and-pepper hair someday. I've always liked that color. But for now, I'm content with dying, and covering it up, ha ha.

Mom, and Aunt RO came to visit to spend the day with us for my birthday. It was really nice having them over. Mom brought over my favorite desert  from O&H Bakery, and inside the box was full of yummy Kolaches! 

For those who aren't sure what a Kolach is; it is a pastry, the recipe originating from Czechoslovakia, that is filled with your preference of a fruit, or filling. My favorite filling is poppy seed. The pastry is stuffed with your liking of whatever filling, and topped with powdered sugar. So unhealthy, but so good. 

I was really excited to get a lot of nice sewing things from Mom, and Aunt Ro. I had asked for an used table for my sewing machine. They ended up getting me a really nice table, and a matching stool to go with it. It was from goodwill, believe it or not! I was so excited, because I had a perfect space for my sewing machine in the bedroom! Our bedroom was really spacious, and one area in our bedroom was seriously lacking. It looked empty, and boring. It totally threw off the chi of the whole space. Once I had my sewing station set up, the chi of the energy was restored, and it became more of a home feeling. The nice thing was that I was able to set up a baby monitor video nearby, and work while my little monster was napping. 

My first project was to make a sewing machine cover, and I had a perfect fabric picked out. I had it all cut up, and pinned up. It was ready to be sewn together, easy peasy. Unfortunately, I had a bit of glitch with my machine. I had struggled with the bobbin under threading part. It was not threading properly for the fabric to be sewn together. It drove me crazy, because I knew I had set it up according to the instruction, and it was a really simple fix, yet my dumb brain was unable to resolve a minor issue! I decided to just call it night, and revisit the issue today during my little man's nap. I knew it was something really simple, so simple like the bobbin thread not inserted clock-wise for the thread to be pulled out while the machine was sewing the fabric, and it was going to be a quick fix.

Forrest received a doll. The doll had a very curl pretty red hair just begging to have its hair to be pulled, and played with. Forrest gave it one look, and threw it to the floor. What a sad day. Of course, I rescued the doll, and put it on the play table where it now resided until Forrest showed some interest in it. 

We also went swimming at a hotel. Forrest had outgrown all of his swimsuits. Crap. I thought he was going to fit in some of his 12m swim suits. I was sadly wrong. Our local store had no swimsuit out for sale. Of course, it was in smack of winter, and swimsuits were not a strong selling item at this time. I had no time to venture out to next town to Target, Carter's, and Kohl's to check out swimsuits for Forrest. Fortunately, Kmart had disposable swimming Finding Nemo diapers along with Pepto-Bismol for my poor husband. Whew. Crisis adverted! And oh yeah, Stu was struck with a bug, and did not feel well. He slept away for the most part of the day. He did feel really bad that he was sick for my birthday, and I assured him that it was not a big deal! I would rather have him to be sick on a weekend instead of during the weekday, and have to miss out on work, then be thrown off the schedule for rest of the week. 


The funny thing was, when Forrest, and I went swimming at a kiddie pool section in the hotel, we met other parents with babies around Forrest's age, and I was surprised by the fact how BIG Forrest was compared to them! It made me really curious to find out how much Forrest had grown since his 9m check up (at his 12m check up, he had not grown at all except for his head, ha ha). 

I can't believe how big my boy is getting to be these days. In only a few weeks, he will be 18 months old, and for those who don't really care for months=age thing, it means that Forrest will be a year and half old! Every morning, when I pick Forrest up from his crib, and I am struck by how heavy he is. Then I think, geez, stop growing buddy!!! No really, I'm glad that Forrest is thriving, and doing so well, yet at the same time, he is my baby, and I am not ready for him to be such in a hurry to grow up. And yes, there will be a 18 month letter to Forrest post coming up (I plan on doing it every 6 months as opposed to monthly letters). 

Forrest is such a big boy. He loves helping me to empty the dishwasher, and help me to clean up around the house.  I love how he is so helpful, and considerate. 

In other news, I am planning on calling our vet today for Turkey. We recently found a lump on Turkey's lower stomach, about a size of grape, and we are a bit nervous about the location of the lump. Turkey does not seem very affected by it, and her demeanor has not changed at all. We would rather be safe than sorry, though, and have her looked at. After all, Turkey is getting in her years, and she's an old cranky lady. Nonetheless, she is special to us, and very much a part of our family. I won't be surprised if it turns out to be a fatty tumor, which is really common in older dogs, and that would be a better diagnosis than what I am thinking of right now. 

Well, I see that the dishwasher is done running, and it is time for us to empty it out. Until next time....stay warm!