Saturday, February 8, 2014

Stinky Ole' Basset, A Giveaway, & Upcoming Posts

A little update on our ole' stinky Basset Hound, Turkey (Layla, if I must insist on using her given name), has gotten a clean bill of good health, from our vet. What a relief. She is getting in her years, and will be turning 9 this fall. Turkey is certainly no spring chick. Nonetheless, she is a family. As much I sometime want to wrangle Turkey's neck for stealing Forrest's food out of his hand, for barking incessantly at unseen something out of our bay window in the living room, for being a miss grouch, and having an accident in the house that only seem to occur when Stu comes home for a brief time, then leave again: she is still our dog, and I can't imagine NOT having her around in the house. Same goes for our cats.

I have an exciting news to share.

I was contacted recently by a premium baby blanket company, GooseWaddle, and they asked me to review their blanket. That was not all. They also wanted me to host a giveaway on my blog for a lucky reader to win a blanket from their company.

So if you know someone who is expecting, or if you are expecting, then come on over, and enter your name in this giveaway. Perhaps, you will win?

I will know more when I receive their blanket, and how GooseWaddle want me to host a giveaway. I am thinking that it will be pretty much me hosting a giveaway on my blog, having you readers enter, then I get to determine a winner. Once a winner is picked, I will contact GooseWaddle with your choice of color, and have them mail you their blanket!

I will definitely keep you guys posted with more details, hopefully soon!

Here is what to expect from my blog in the upcoming few weeks: GooseWaddle Blanket Giveaway, 18 months letter to Forrest, & a terribly, terribly, terribly OVERDUE "It's the Deaf thing" post.

I feel bad for neglecting that topic of my blog, because it is the most popular, and well-liked by many of my readers. It is just that I don't have much to say about that topic of late, and I blame it on the Winter Blues. I don't want to make my blog STRICTLY just about mommy blog, you know, and I am guilty of leaning toward to that direction these days.

Well, guys...stay warm, and have a great weekend!!!! And stick around, alright, for upcoming fun posts!