Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Kid Is Weird

My kid is weird. In a good way, I promise. He has been into sticking his arm out of the neck hole of his shirt lately. You see, Forrest has a big head, and I have to put him in larger shirts in order to get them onto his body! Because of this, Forrest has discovered that because his shirt is slightly large, he is able to wiggle his arm out of the sleeve, and pull it out through the neck hole. Ta-Da, a new fad is happening! 

I am thinking about getting back into 7 on 7 pictures. I miss doing that, and I don't know why I stopped doing it. Honestly, I think life got busy, and I just forgot about doing the project. With the weather "supposedly" warming up, I think I should get back into 7 on 7 photo project for my blog, and go from there. 

We went to visit my family recently. I had to pick up two of the bridesmaid dresses for the upcoming weddings, and it was a perfect timing, because Stu needed some quiet time to study for a comprehensive exam for his program. So, Forrest, and I took off to visit my family. It was great seeing my family, and catch up with some of my friends. Also, seeing the bridesmaid dresses made me very excited for upcoming weddings! I just cannot wait! 

I know that it seems that Forrest is always having a NUK in his mouth in the pictures lately, and I promise you that he doesn't wear it all day long! Well, sometime he does, but for the most part, he doesn't. 

Weather-front, we got snow the other day! What the heck, mother nature! Like one of my friends mentioned, that girl needs a midol, seriously! I'm so, so, so done over this winter. I know I've been complaining about it a lot lately, and typically, I don't mind winter, but I feel that it is overstaying its welcome lately. Hence, complaining is allowed. Fortunately, the snow is already melting, and hopefully, the snow won't be returning until later this year. 

I can't believe that March has flown by, and that April is nearly here! Before we know it, it will be Easter!