Friday, April 25, 2014

Catching UP

I hope your Easter was lovely, and wonderful! Ours was really nice, and we enjoyed ourselves. Food, and the company were fantastic. Forrest had a blast playing with his cousins, and probably spent most of his time over at his uncle's, and aunt's house more than he did with us at his grandparents' house. The egg hunt was really fun. We did it indoors, since it was raining, and gross outside. At first, Forrest didn't really understand what was going on, and threw a fit. Once we showed him an egg, and allowed him to transfer the egg from its hiding spot to the egg holder basket, it was when Forrest got it, and started zooming everywhere to find more eggs! He had a big smile on his face the whole time, and then finally, he found his basket left by Easter Bunny. He was so surprised. It was really cute. We were tempted to hide all the eggs again, because Forrest had so much fun finding eggs, and it was such a joy watching him have fun. 

Forrest had a trip to an allergist this recent Tuesday for a follow-up. There was not much said at the appointment, other than the usual, and everything looked good with Forrest. Dr. G wanted to test Forrest this summer for dairy, egg, and tree nut allergies. Those three allergens came back inconclusive at Forrest's 11 month allergy skin panel test due to his eczema being so bad. Now he was a bit older, and his skin got a lot better with management; we decided it was time to retest Forrest, and to get confirmation. I prepared myself for dairy, and egg allergies to come back positive though. As for tree nuts allergy, I doubted he had any (barring an exception to Cashews--that one we knew for sure that he was allergic to), however, I was prepared for that possibility as well. We had not given Forrest any tree nuts since 11 months old, and avoided them as much as we avoided peanuts. So that won't be a major lifestyle change if Forrest did come back positive for those. I also got a new prescription for epipens, since ours expired, and felt better having valid epipens on the hand. 

Spring is still sort of fleeting. It comes, and goes. It is hard to believe that next Thursday will be May, and it's still chilly outside. But that's Wisconsin for you. At least there's green grasses, and flowers sprouting everywhere! The birds are a frequent visitors to our bird feeder. It's nice to see wildlife starting to come out. Hopefully, that means snow is finally done, and won't come back until this winter. We've been having lions and lambs type of weather lately. One day, it would be gorgeous, and warm, then the next, it's cold, and raining. 

Lucky us, this weekend is supposed to be nice, and that makes me happy, because we are having a huge town-wide rummage sale going on. I'm excited to hit up the houses with a lot of baby, and toddler gears to check out what they have. I love rummage sales!! Don't you? It is one of my favorite things about spring/summer. I love going through garage sales, and seeing what they are selling.

Just to mention, Turkey is doing great. She's back to her scruffy stinky old self! 

Stu, and I are still watching Dexter. We're...okay, I am rather behind on Dexter, and Stu is waiting for me to catch up. I'm almost all caught up, then we are back on the track. We are on season 5 of Dexter. So I think we are a bit over half way done with the series, then we have to figure out what next we should watch. I am thinking about OZ. I've been wanting to watch that for some time now. We are waiting for SOA to add on new season as well as The Walking Dead. It won't be for awhile though. 

I'm reading a book by Jodi Picoult, and the book is called SING YOU HOME. It is a really, really good book. Without giving away too much about the book, it is about gay marriage, and trying to get pregnant, then ending up in a court about the validity of gay marriage, and becoming parents of the same sex. Of course, there's a conflict of interest with a very religious group that disagrees with this couple's decision to have a baby. It's really good. I like it, and do recommend it. It puts you in the shoes of same sex parents, and the issues they face in today's world. Jodi Picoult is a great author, and I don't think there is many books that I DO NOT like by her (except Handle with Care book, that was terrible, and the ending pissed me off). 

I have a few things on my agenda for May, and tying up a few loose ends for the upcoming weddings this summer that we're attending, or are involved with. I can't wait for weather to warm up, and rejoice marriages of our loved ones!! It will be fun.