Thursday, April 17, 2014

Have a Great Easter

I'm a bad blogger lately. I've been extremely busy with tying up last minute things, doctor appointments, doing laundry, and spring cleaning before we head up north to the Farm for Easter. Before that, we had a busy weekend with witnessing our wonderful friends' renewal vows, and having a dinner with them. It was good to spend time with our friends, especially with them moving out of the state this come summer to pursue their academic, and job careers. 

To catch up about Turkey, she had to be returned to the vet clinic to get IV fluid drip, because she had not been drinking water. Because of Turkey not drinking water, she was dehydrated, and it made her feel even worse! Silly dumb dog--all this could have been resolved if she had drank her water in the first place--you see, when I said silly dumb old dog, I meant that with a lot of love! Anyway, after she had IV fluid drip, Turkey gradually got better, and was back to her old self by end of the day. It was such a relief! Even though Basset Hounds were quite notorious for sleeping a lot, and laying around, it was hard to see Turkey motionless, and so ill from being put under for dental cleaning. Along with her treatment with IV, we were also given special doggie digestion aid wet dog canned food to be mixed in with her regular dog food. That helped a lot! It elicited her to want eat, and put food in her empty stomach. We ended up being down to the last dog canned food, and decided to hold it off until we came back from Easter to finish it off. After all, Turkey was back to her old self, and we didn't want to have bring an opened dog canned food with us on a long drive up north. No thanks. So, yeah, Turkey was back to her sloth, slobbering, and begging old self, and that made us very happy! 

Because Wisconsin sucks, and mother nature hates us, we got another snow fall recently! Ugh. Seriously. It was like, going from Oh yay green grasses to oh shit, what is this white thing? Oy. 

But it is not too surprising that it has been snowing on, and off this late in the year. We can even get snow in as late as May. Crazy, I know, but that is what you get for living in the North. We are supposed to have a bit more snow up at the Farm, and I'm not sure if we will be doing outdoor egg hunt. I have a feeling we will be doing it inside. I'm looking forward to Forrest learning how to egg hunt. It will be fun. I don't think he will fully understand what the deal is, but with his cousins running amok to find the eggs, Forrest will get into the spirit of things, and have fun! For me? It will be nice not to have to cook over the weekend, and relax! 

I hope you guys will have a safe, and fun Easter!


  1. Have a great Easter! I'm glad your Turkey baby is back to her normal self!

    1. Thank you! We are pretty happy too!