Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Putting Things in a Perspective

It is one of those days when I have to shake my head, and resign to the constant mess in the house. Forrest has been in dumping mode lately. He likes to take a dog snack bag, and dump it all over the floor. Quickly pick them up before Turkey eats them all, and get sick. Then there's a bunch of crumbs that is embedded int he carpet. Vacuum. I hate vacuuming, by the way. He dumps sliced bananas on the floor. Time to pick it up, or let the dog eat them. A few minutes later, Forrest asks for more food. I sigh, and say no, because he just dumped his bananas a few minutes earlier. Of course, it doesn't help that Forrest is a bit cranky, because he decided that 5:30 am is a perfectly suitable time to get up, and get the day started. Soon, he's off to an early nap, and this mama gets a bit of rest. And hopefully, the dog will end up not getting a tummy ache. 

As much as Forrest drives me crazy sometime with his learning development, I often have to step back, and remind myself that it is a part of his learning process. I think being an adult, you forget that the world is new, and everything is prime to be learned. I really do believe that being a parent is a spiritual experience. When you find that something pushes your button, you need to figure out why is that, and correct it within yourself. It is easy to get impatient, and angry. The true challenge is staying calm, and understanding the world from a toddler's perspective. Suddenly, you realize that it is really nothing to be all worked up about. 

Also, there is a recent situation with a friend's daughter that definitely takes me to a different perspective. This little girl is only a year older than Forrest is, and has been recently diagnosed with cancer. Imagine that. It has affected me so much, upon finding out the news of my friend's daughter having cancer, that I had to have Forrest sleep by my side that night. While it is a struggle to deal with Forrest's allergies, and flare-ups with eczema, he is as healthy as he can be, and I feel blessed. This also makes little things that Forrest does seem so trivial. I imagine that it is something that my friend would rather deal with than sitting by her daughter's side while she is ill. It definitely puts things in a perspective, doesn't it? 

It has been raining nonstop all week. Due to the weather, we are feeling quite cooped up inside. One good thing about the rain is that it is not snow. And other good thing about the rain? Chicken soup in the slow cooker. I plan on letting chicken soup stew all day tomorrow, and reap the deliciousness of the soup by end of the day. Maybe throw in a homemade bread. It will be good for our souls.