Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Turkey's Dental Cleaning

Yesterday, Turkey had to be dropped off at the vet for a dental cleaning. We had been meaning to have her teeth checked out for a longest time. You see, when we first adopted Turkey, she had a really poor condition with her teeth. Turkey was missing all of the crowns from her front teeth (incisors), and her enamels had been worn down all way to the gums. On top of this, she had a really bad tartar, and inflammation in her mouth. We put it off, mainly because it didn't seem to bother Turkey too much, and it was going to be very costly to have her teeth cleaned. We finally bit the bullet, and scheduled an appointment for Turkey. 

Off we went to the vet clinic, I dropped off quivering Turkey, and felt like a terrible dog mama for leaving her behind, especially with her being so scared. It was strange not to have Turkey around the house. Our food was safe. We were able to eat in the living room, while watching Fraggle Rock on Hulu, and not worry about Turkey attempting to steal our food. I didn't have to go outside to let Turkey out. I was able to clean without tripping over 50-pound dog. However, I didn't enjoy the freedom without having a dog in the house. Our home was not really home without her. It was funny how something so small can leave such a huge void in our lives. 

4 pm finally rolled around, and we rushed to the vet clinic to pick up our stinky old dog! Turkey ended up having her teeth scaled, polished, and fluoride was applied to her teeth. Fortunately for Turkey, she did not need any of her teeth pulled. Whew! Upon picking up Turkey from the vet, she was groggy, and having a hard time walking in a straight line. I helped her up into my Jeep, and she gave me the saddest basset eyes when our eyes met. I kissed her, and promised her that she was going to get venison chop left overs for her dinner the following day. 

Turkey ended up resting in one of her favorite spots, under the computer desk, when we arrived home. She spent the whole time asleep, only offering soft thump of her wagging tail when I bent down to pet her. 

Our poor old girl is still kind of out of it today. She has not exhibited much interest in drinking water, and eating. She has not perked up when Forrest walks past her with food in his hand. It makes me sad to see her miserable, and not feeling well. I'm hoping she will come around in a bit. After all, she is our first baby that we adopted together when we first got married. 

Right now, she is basking in the sun light on the sofa. At least she's comfortable, and resting. Hopefully, the venison chops left over will be enough to elicit her to eat a bit later today!