Friday, May 9, 2014

Crazy, Crazy, Crazy Busy, & It's Not Even Slowing Down!

I had a really crazy busy week starting last week Friday. It felt like the days were in a blur, and everything whizzed by really fast. Stu, and I had guests over last weekend; Stu's mom, B, and Stu's friend, Mike, since he needed to finish up a course at school nearby our house. It was a full house for a bit there!

Stu ran 1/2 marathon on Saturday morning, and he did amazing! He shaved 10 minutes off this time, and he was pretty pleased about it. B, Forrest, and I rooted Stu as he started race, and were there at the finish line when he came back. Stu did great, and we were proud of him. He was placed 3rd place of his group. Pretty impressive, huh? 

Since Stu had to supervise Prom again this year, he asked me to be his date, and attend with him. I gladly went. It was much-needed child free date. As much as we loved our kid, it was good to get away by ourselves for just a few hours, and reconnect. This year was much easier for me to get away from Forrest. Last year, Forrest was only 7 months old (time flies, doesn't it), and it was hard to leave him behind. This year, Forrest was more independent, no longer nursed, and liked being around other people other than just his mommy. I was able to get my mind off motherhood for a bit, and relax. 

Bonus: I even had a great hairstyle that I DID myself! I found this on Pinterest, and tried the tutorial. It turned out amazing. I was pleasantly impressed with myself, and how easy it was to do this hairstyle. It was so easy that I was able to recreate the same style again. It was definitely something I planned on having more often over the summer! 

Stu, and I had been meaning to buy a new sofa for some time now. We had a ratty old green sofa that was losing its seat firmness (it was second-handed, and gently used when we got the green sofa). We had another sofa in the basement that was outdated, and uncomfortable to sit on. Cats have long taken over it, and possessed it to be theirs. We wanted a sofa of our own that was brand-new, and durable. However, we didn't go out right away to buy a new sofa back in April. Life got in the way, and we were too busy with other things. Finally, this past Sunday, we had time, and decided to venture out to shop after Forrest's nap. 

Upon entering the store, Stu, and I saw the same sofa, and immediately agreed that we both had liked it. Now, this never happened to us before! Ha ha ha! We had a tendency to hassle, bicker, and debate, then finally compromise on something. For this sofa, we just agreed that it was what we wanted, and liked. The great part was, it was already marked down due to a HUGE sale. It went from a crazy expensive price to much affordable price. While we liked the sofa, we still wanted to look around, and make sure that the first one was exactly what we wanted. It was. 

Stu wanted an old Grandfather type of recliner. It did not match the sofa, but I relented, and agreed that it was fine for him to get that chair if it was what he really, really, really, and really wanted. Besides, it was in the clearance section, and it was the last one in the stock. It was silly cheap, and Stu was really happy with the recliner. I shrugged, and told him to go for it. Whatever, you know. He was graduating soon, and I felt he deserved it after all the hard work he had done in the past 2 years. 

We bought our sofa, and the grandfather recliner. We were told that it was going to be delivered on June 10th. I was kind of sad with how FAR away it was before we could get our new sofa, and recliner. At the same time, anticipation of waiting made it sweeter to get something, right? And...the exciting part was, they were going to pick up our ratty old green sofa, and take it off our hands! So we didn't have to worry about disposing of the ugly sofa. Yay. It was also JUST IN TIME, because just three days later, we had a wedding to attend, and won't be home to receive our things. Whew!

In the meanwhile, here's a crappy quality photo of our new sofa. *I sort of snuck in that picture because pictures were not allowed in the I snapped my phone camera really fast* I will get a BETTER one once we get the sofa in June!  Stu isn't crazy about the pillows, so I am thinking about sewing new covers for the pillows to go with the sofa. 

Then Forrest, and I had a lot of family time beginning of the week. We came back just in time to enjoy beautiful weather of 75 degrees! Unfortunately, there was a lot of clouds, and little of the sun, but I was not complaining. It was 75!! And, the best part? The temperature didn't drop back to it being chilly. It remained nice, and warm. I checked the weather over the weekend--there was a lot of rain expected to come, but hey, it was above 65. So...I'll take that. Maybe summer is FINALLY here???

Fortunately, this weekend is going to be somewhat relaxed, and I will be able to sit, relax, and READ great books. I'm currently reading Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz, and it's pretty good so far! 

Then next week, my mom is coming up on Wednesday to watch Forrest as we have a lot of exciting things to attend such as Stu's graduation, to name one! I'm so glad my mom will be watching him--I think 3-4 hours of ceremony would be too hard for Forrest to relax, and stay still for. So it's nice of my mom to step in, and help. 

I am SO ready for the summer. Bring on weddings, showers, and a lot of FUN things yet to come!!! I'm just so excited. Stu, and I booked a hotel room for a weekend in June for Teri's wedding (almost a month away), and it will be our mini-getaway without a toddler present. While I am going to really miss my kid, I am also kind of excited to be by ourselves for 2 whole days, and spend our time in a great company!! 

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  1. I love the couch! I'm really liking grey right now. :) it sounds like you have a really fun month ahead!