Friday, May 16, 2014

Here We Go...Round #2!

When Stu, and I started trying for our second; our jellybean didn't come to us as quickly as Forrest had. With Forrest, he was conceived almost right off the bat when I went off my birth control, and he was a HUGE surprise, mainly because of the timing. Since Forrest had come to us rather quickly, we figured that the second should come to us with no qualms, and how wrong we were. We skipped a couple months here, and there to avoid from being so heavily pregnant, or delivering around the weddings (there was no way I was missing ANY of the weddings for my BFF, and siblings this summer). 

Months came, and went by with no baby. It was hard to deal with, because Forrest happened quickly, and this baby was not happening as quick. Fortunately for my wonderful TTC (trying to conceive) support groups, I was able to learn a lot about tracking ovulation, timing, and changes throughout the month. It was a work! It was when I really started understanding fertility issues among my friends, who were struggling to conceive, and it opened my eyes to their struggles. It had helped me to gain some understanding, and to spread awareness for those who were struggling with fertility. It made me appreciative of having Forrest, and of the strength found in those men, and women who were facing infertility of any kind. That definitely made me pause a bit whether I should do my second pregnancy saga publicly through my blog, and Facebook, because I didn't want to impose more struggle for them. With a blessing, and understanding from several of people, I have decided to go ahead with this anyway, and with more sensitivity along with understanding this time around with my posts.

By the 6th month, I began to worry that there was something wrong with us, and it was not fun worrying. I went through several tests. At first, it looked like I had a thyroid condition, since the first test came back terrible, and fortunately, the repeated tests showed that everything was okay. Then there was a few other tests that were taken only to show that everything was good. My doctor told us to keep trying for another 6 months before we worry. Easier said than done. Despite all of this, I told Stu that I had a strong inkling that March was going to be our month. It was a strong gut feeling that I've had the whole time, and I was kind of repressing that, out of fear, that I was going to end up disappointed that it didn't come true. 

March rolled around, and at that time of the month, I decided to bite the bullet, and take a HCG test. Alas, it was another day of disappointment. I had spent good 5 minutes squinting at the test, and thought I had seen a faint line, but decided that I was wanting it so badly that I had imagined it. I tossed it in the trash, and began packing for the trip to visit my family. An hour later amidst the packing, I had a strong inkling to recheck the cheap HCG test, and retrieved the tossed strip from the bathroom trash bin. To my shock, it was clear as the day that I was pregnant! After so long of trying, this day finally came, and I won't lie, there was a lot of tears. 

I had a wonderful way planned on breaking the news to Stu, however, I was such in shock that I just emailed the picture to Stu. Stu replied in confusion, and asked me what it was, since it was a non-traditional pregnancy test, and something he had never seen before! I explained to him that it was a cheap pregnancy test, and it was positive!! The poor guy was unable to focus in the conference for the rest of the day, because he was so excited. 

I wanted me to take a digital pregnancy test to prove that the cheap test was accurate. With Forrest, I was never able to get a positive word digital response, and to this day, I had no idea why! I suspected it was why I tested weekly with Forrest, ha ha, until our confirmation doctor appointment. However, with Jellybean, it came up as clear as the day. 

The next step was breaking the news to our families about Forrest becoming a big brother! It was quite exciting to share the news with our family that there was going to be a newest addition coming this winter. Stu, and I had to laugh about this, because this year was going to be a BIG year with all the weddings, events, a possible job change for Stu, and now the baby! Oh boy, how we were going to find the time? 

On April 21st, we finally saw my doctor, and had an ultrasound to check on our little Jellybean. The baby was found right away. The heart rate was beautiful, and the baby was doing quite well. Once again, I was on time with my guess; 8 weeks 2 days along! 

At our second ultrasound appointment, all showed that the baby was thriving, and doing well. The measurements were in accordance to what was appropriate for the baby's growth. Our estimate due date had changed once again from December 1st, to November 29th, and now to...

Our Jellybean is due on November 28th, 2014

Yes, it is going to be a very BIG year. 

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  1. Congratulations!!! can't wait to see Forrest as a big brother :)