Monday, May 19, 2014


How far along: 12 Weeks & 2 Days.

I am feeling: I am not as fatigued as I was in the first two, and half months. I still feel tired, but at least I'm not going to bed by 7:30 pm, and be out by 8 pm! Well, there still has some nights when I am out by 8:30 pm...yay, a half hour later than usual! It has been a huge struggle with morning sickness with this pregnancy. Fortunately for someone who is a bit phobic of vomiting, I have not thrown up *knocks on the wood*. It's a lot more to do with a lot of gagging sensation in the back of my throat, which is alleviated by sucking on lifesaver is literally a lifesaver, get it? Ha ha. I'm being a dork. Anyway! Nausea is  hard to deal with, because it feels like I have a flu hanging over my whole body non-stop all day, and all night until I am fast asleep. A good thing is that I am finally seeing the light at end of tunnel. The nausea is starting to fade away. I still do have my tough days, and at least, it's starting NOT to be an everyday thing. Heartburn is other tough thing. It's bad with this pregnancy if I eat too much spicy food, and it makes this mama sad, because I love spicy food. I either have two options: carry tums by my side all of the time if I want to eat something spicier than usual, or stick to bland food. I suppose Jellybean isn't a fan of spicy food. Lastly, I am pretty glad that the bloating has gone away, and feeling like I'm back to semi-normal! 

Weekly Growth Milestone: Jellybean is as big as a plum. This week, Jellybean can suck its thumb, wiggle, and dance around. It is also evidenced by our recent ultrasound; Jellybean is a mover, which is very much unlike Forrest when I was pregnant with him, however, Jellybean is still too little to be felt on a frequent basis. Also, week 12 to week 18 is a critical period of brain development for Jellybean! 

Movement: While Jellybean is still too small to be felt all of the time, I can feel the flutters, and the best I can describe it as is as if it is a butterfly flying around inside your gently closed hands. It is a pretty cool feeling to be able to feel Jellybean this early. Of course, I have to really, really, really concentrate, and catch this at the right time. Otherwise, I don't feel Jellybean.  

Gender: Stu, and I have decided that we DO NOT want to find out the sex of this baby until birth. There is a few things left when you are an adult that genuinely takes you by surprise. Not finding out the sex of the baby, then going into labor is like the morning of Christmas, and waiting to open your gifts. The anticipation will be so much fun! We already have a lot of stuff for this baby from when we had Forrest, and only need to buy few things. So we are basically set for either a boy, or a girl...well, if Jellybean turns to be a girl, then I will go clothes shopping a lot! If Jellybean is a boy, then I am all set with clothes, and Forrest will have a little brother to play with! We aren't hoping for one gender, and will be happy with either a boy, or a girl. 

What I miss the most: With Forrest, I craved so badly for deli meat, sausage hot sticks, and cured meat that cannot be consumed with a pregnancy. However, with Jellybean, I don't have much desire for meat. It leaves pretty  much everything open for me to eat. I suppose I do miss eating spicy food without getting a heartburn! I also miss coffee. I've given up on coffee, and haven't gone back to it since I've gotten pregnant. 

Cravings: Pineapple juice. It's so sweet, and yummy! I notice that I've loving sweet food with Jellybean. I try to limit how much I eat of sweets, because I don't want to develop gestational diabetes. However, I find that I like fruits that are sweet, and well, bad junk sweet food like nutella, chocolate, cupcakes, and all that. On top of this, like Forrest, I am craving for cheese again. I think it has to do a lot with me not drinking cow milk, and my body wants more calcium in my system for the baby.

Aversions: The smell of olive oil, or vegetable oil frying. It makes me sick to my stomach. It is exactly the same issue I had with Forrest. I also can't stand the smell of Oscar Hotdogs cooking, or frying. I've officially banned it from the household. Sorry boys! While I do eat meat with not much issue, I don't find that I am gravitated to meat as much as I did with Forrest.

Best moment of the week: Stu graduating from Marian College with a degree in administration, and getting a second-tier interview with Waupun high school for a possible job position. Awesome for him!

Looking forward to: Memorial Day. Warmer weather. It appears like it should be warming up this week, and *STAYING* warm for a change. Going for walks with Forrest, and Turkey with the weather becoming warmer. Summer is just around the corner!