Tuesday, May 27, 2014


How Far Along: 13 Weeks & 3 days.

I Am Feeling: With this weather warming up, I am feeling pretty good, and enjoying our walks. There has been days when I don't feel as great, and it is usually because I am tired. Nothing that sleep can't fix. I'm so glad to be able to get my feet back in the water with my sewing projects. I had to stop for a while there due to morning sickness, fatigue, and wanting to sleep all of the time. Because my blood pressure is once again low with this pregnancy, I do battle with dizziness, fatigue, and have to take it easy sometimes. Thankfully, I'm nearly out of icky first trimester, and am starting to get my motivation back! Just one more week until I am in second trimester! 

Weekly Growth Milestone: My uterus is about the size of a grapefruit. I definitely can vouch that I feel like I have a grapefruit inside me, especially after eating a meal. Jellybean is the size of a small peach! Jellybean is working on the vocal cords for the day when he/she is born, and we'll all hear his/her first cry. Currently, Jellybean is slowly being covered in a fine layer of hair, and "waterproof" skin sealant to protect the skin from being too soggy, and wrinkled from floating in water all of the time. Jellybean's brain is mapping all the network connections, which means the muscles all over the body is being coordinated, and Jellybean is able to move freely with brain's signals to the body. 

Movement: Sometimes I think I feel Jellybean moving. Sometimes, I'm not as sure, and think it could be just my abdominal muscle twitching. I definitely can tell the difference from the gas, and those little twitches, but I can't determine if the twitches is Jellybean, or my muscles expanding. 

Cravings: The biggest thing lately is cheese. I can't seem to get enough of cheese. Along with cheese, it's still the same old stuff; sweet food, and pineapple juice. I try not to overdo it with pineapple juice, because I am not sure if it's wives's tales that drinking pineapple juice can bring on contractions. Better be safe than sorry. I find that I am eating cheese quesadilla with cherry Greek yogurt as a side dish for lunch everyday, and I absolutely love it. Yum. There is not a strong craving, aside from cheese, that I've been experiencing so far with this pregnancy. 

Aversions: I am still iffy with Oscar hot dogs being fried up. I'm okay with it being microwaved, and giving it to Forrest as an occasional lunch meal. There is not much that I find that I turn my nose up to. I still have no strong desire for meat. 

What I Miss the Most: Coffee. I know I can drink a bit of coffee while pregnant, however, I've pretty much sworn off strong form of caffeine for my pregnancy. I did the same for Forrest when I was pregnant with him. I find that I feel a lot better with less caffeine in my system, and it is also better for the baby. 

Best Moments of the Week: Long daily morning walks with Forrest, and Turkey. Wishing Aunt Ro a very happy birthday! Grilling. Visiting our friends. Forrest enjoying his brand-new plastic pool that I picked up on a whim (10 dollars for the win, by the way)! Seeing my friends yesterday, especially one of my wonderful friends, who is slowly getting better from battling her breast cancer. Yay for hair growing in, right, friend? :) 

Looking Forward To: My cousin Beth's wedding in Illinois, and seeing non-immediate family members again! Road-tripping. I love to road-trip, even if it's through Chicago, and traffic is insane down there.