Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Anniversary #3: A Year of Lessons in Patience & Dreams To Come True

The day of our third wedding anniversary has arrived very much like a strong gust of a wind, and it feel like it is only yesterday that we had celebrated our second anniversary. A lot had happened since.

Soon, we will be rejoicing the day we became a couple in October, and that rings in 10 years of being together. It is not so hard to believe that ten years has flown by, along with our three years of marriage, because we have been blessed to have a strong foundation as a couple. It truly does signify the meaning behind the saying, "Time Flies". 

Our third year of anniversary rang in with a year long of learned lessons that brought us patience, understanding, and humility. Our second year of parenthood forced us to become introspective of ourselves. There had been challenging days as parents. There had been days when we wondered if we had done enough. There had been days when we reviewed our day, and wished we had done differently. With those days, there had also been wonderful days when we went to bed with a sense of accomplishment. Being parents strengthened our marriage in so many ways. 

When we first learned that Forrest had a peanut allergy, it was crushing, and difficult to deal with, because we thought of only bad things that came with having a food allergy. We saw only restriction, rejection, misunderstanding, and fears. Fortunately, that frame of thinking only lasted briefly. We changed how we viewed Forrest's food allergy, and decided to turn it into something positive that will eventually shape Forrest's character. It was not very much different from me being Deaf; having this disability, if you want to call it that way, definitely made me into a stronger person that I am today. It was going exactly be the same way for Forrest with his peanut allergy. 

Forrest had taught us a lot of lessons, especially with patience, and humility: when one of us felt our patience running out, due to Forrest's shenanigans, we took a step back, and asked ourselves why we were feeling that way. We were looking at the situations from an adult point of view rather than from a toddler's perspective. In a way, that helped us, especially me, not to make little things to be such big deal. That also applied to our marriage. We had to be patient with each other when something had come up with Stu's work, or graduate school, or with parenting Forrest. 

There had been many moments in the past year when I had to be patient with Stuart, in order for him to accomplish what he needed to do for graduate school. There were a lot of sacrifices made by everybody involved. We didn't always get what we wanted, or needed, but we knew that it was going to pay off. With a lot of hard work, and time; Stuart finally walked across the stage with a Masters in Education, and Administration in his hand. It was a proud moment in our family. All of his hard work had paid off.  

It was not just Forrest, and Stuart that taught us patience, but also, our new baby on the way redefined how we viewed patience. With Forrest, I had a very easy pregnancy for the most part, and did not experience any morning sickness. However, with this baby, I was quite sick often especially so in the very beginning, and poor husband of mine had to deal with my crazy emotional swings. Stuart struggled with this a lot, because it was something he was not used to. He often told me how much he had missed our date nights of watching Dexter on Netflix, because I was often in the bed by 7:30 pm, and asleep by 8:00 pm. He had missed my calm demeanor, instead of me bursting in tears over a silly thing, and being snappy toward Stuart. Like I said, poor husband of mine. This caused some fiction in our marriage, until I explained to Stuart that this was only temporary, and icky part was almost done. All he had to do was to be patient. Once he understood the importance of patience, things became easier, and sure enough, the icky part of my pregnancy was over. Before he knew it, we were back to eating popcorn during our movie date night.

Happy 3rd anniversary

Ashley & Stu,

By now you've enjoyed 3 beautiful years of married bliss. Many of your dreams have come true by now, and it is wonderful to see how happy you are, and still so much in love. Your life together is an inspiration to everyone who knows you. 
Love you both. 

Aunt Kathy, & Uncle Wayne

Dreams are beginning to unfold for us with our growing family; Stu's job change to advance his career as a principal, and finally to buy a house. Soon, we will be going from a family of three to four with a mix of our crazy brood of pets. No matter what happens, we know that we will always stay together as a family, and watch our dreams unfold as time goes by.