Monday, June 2, 2014


How Far Along: 14 weeks, and 3 days. I'm officially in the second trimester!

I Am Feeling: I am doing a lot better. I had been struck with a terrible indigestion over the weekend, and was sick as a dog. I felt super lucky to have a really loving, and supportive husband that stayed by my side the whole time. Lesson learned; the baby really, really, really HATES spicy food. I'm also feeling a bit wiped out from a long weekend from all the fun, and driving! 

Weekly Milestone Growth: Jellybean finally is sporting a neck! Before 14th week, Jellybean spends the time resting the head on chest, due to having very little neck, and now it is no longer an issue. Jellybean's heart rate is twice as quick as my heartbeat. During this week, Jellybean is practicing facial expressions by squinting, smiling, and frowning. Jellybean is able to jump around, and is often undetected by first time mamas, however, I am not the first time mama, and I am able to feel Jellybean once in while! Jellybean's eyelids are already formed, however, they remains closed. Hair may be growing on top of Jellybean's head at this point. Jellybelly is the size of a lemon. 

Movement: I still feel some butterfly-like sensation from time to time. It happens most when I am relaxed, and laying down. On some days, I feel this sensation more, and on some days, I don't, because I'm always moving, and too busy to focus on finding the fluttering. Besides, I think when I am on the move, it lulls Jellybean to sleep. 

Cravings: Still mainly cheese, sweet food, and fruits. 

Aversions: The smell of olive oil frying really bothers me. As Jellybean has made it very clear to me, Jellybean does not like spicy food. 

What I Miss the Most: Spicy food without getting a wicked indigestion. Sushi; I know I can have the vegetable roll type of thing, but I can't have the real deal until after the baby is born. 

Best Moments of the Week: Road trip. Traveling in the car with one of my best friends AKA Stu, and with a great little boy of ours. Forrest is a GREAT traveler. Seeing our extended family, especially Beth (my cousin), the bride, who looked beautiful! Having Forrest visit his grandparents, grandaunts, uncles, and aunts--matter of fact, Forrest was quite smitten by his aunt Alex. Summer storms (even though Turkey is not a fan of them). 

Looking Forward To: Netflix's premiere of Orange is the New Black on the 6th! Stu convinced me to start watching the show, and said I would like it, due to its dark comedy nature of the show, and my general interest in prison system. Ever since, I've been hooked to the show, and patiently waiting for the new season to premiere! Our new couch on the 10th. I really can't wait to get it delivered to our house. I am so excited about this. It's insane how you get excited for things as an adult that you would not be excited to get as a kid.