Monday, June 9, 2014


How Far Along: 15 Weeks & 3 Days.

I am Feeling: I had both good, and bad days with nausea. Aside from that, I'm doing alright.

Weekly Milestone Growth:  At week 15, Jellybean is as big as a navel orange. Jellybean's arms, and legs are waving as Jellybean is attempting to learn how to coordinate, and control his/her movements. There is three tiny bones in Jellybean's ears that are being formed, and soon, Jellybean will be able to hear what is going on outside the womb. Jellybean's taste buds are forming, and flavors can be tasted through anatomic fluid that surrounds Jellybean. If Jellybean is a boy, then his sex organs are fully formed. If Jellybean is a girl, her external sex organ is still developing, and will be completed by 20 weeks, whereas her internal sexual organ is intact. 

Movement: I am still experiencing a lot of round ligament pains, which feels very much like rubber bands, if I move weird, and aches as the uterus grows to accommodate Jellybean. I am beginning to feel Jellybean bumping around, along with butterfly-like sensation.

Cravings: My craving for cheese is somewhat dying down. At this point, I still want a nibble of something sweet.

Aversions: None that really bothers me at this moment.

What I Miss the Most: Being able to lift, and carry Forrest without feeling so winded. Not getting heartburn from everything I eat, as it seems.

Best Moments of the Week: Deciding on the baby's name! Not sharing  names until birth though! Watching Orange is the New Black with Stu. Grilling hamburgers, and hotdogs. Organizing our living room for our new stuff to arrive. 

Looking Forward To: Our new sofa, and recliner tomorrow!! I truly can't wait! I had  been cleaning, and organizing the living room. It is amazing how many mega blocks (it's like super-sized Legos for toddlers) have managed to wind up UNDER our current sofa. Geez. We've had to rearrange our living room, and put away several large toddler play toys to the basement to make a room for our new things. I feel so grown up with a new sofa, ha ha. No more broken down sofa! I'm also really, really excited to be going to Madison this Friday for my BFF's wedding. As excited as I am to be going to see my best friends, and have an adult time without a toddler toddling around, I am also nervous about leaving Forrest behind, because it's my first time since we had him that I've been away from him for more than several hours. Although, I think it is probably harder on Mama than it is on Forrest to be away from each other. It will be an interesting weekend with being just two of us. I look forward to the baby appointment on Monday the 16th. It's my first regular OB-GYN appointment without ultrasound involved. It will be my first time to feel Jellybean's heartbeat. I've not had a chance to have doppler used on me since week 8 appointment (mainly because the ultrasounds have shown little heart beating so there was no need for doppler). I am curious to find out what Jellybean's heart rate is--will it be high or low? I don't put much stock in Old Wives' Tales, but it's fun to guess the gender based on heart rate!