Monday, June 16, 2014


Excuse my cavewoman hair! 

How Far Along: 16 weeks and 3 days. Only a month until half way mark! It is crazy how fast this pregnancy is flying by for me. 

I am Feeling: I am waiting for this pregnancy to fully sink in. It has not all way yet. It has not hit me that I will be a mom of two this come late November/early December! I think once we start setting up the nursery, buy things for Jellybean, and feel Jellybean move more consistently, it will be more real? 

Weekly Milestone Growth: Jellybean is as big as an avocado. Jellybean's eyes are able to move sideways now, despite having a sealed cover protecting Jellybean's eyes, and Jellybean is practicing lip movements this week. Jellybean is practicing breathing by hiccuping, and swallowing amniotic fluid. The umbilical cord has become a plaything for Jellybean to grip on. Eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair are beginning to grow at this point. 

Movement: I'm starting to feel stronger movements from Jellybean. If I have Forrest pressing against my belly, then Jellybean will actually bounce back as if Jellybean is saying, stop laying on me! Do I foresee a sibling rivalry starting already? Tee-Hee. 

Cravings: I don't have any lately that jumps out to me, and says EAT ME. At this point, if I am hungry, then you better feed me or I will just turn into a cranky monster.

Aversions: The most interesting thing I have learned recently is that I can't handle the smell of freshly bleached white shirts! After a minute or two of wearing a white tank top, or shirt, I end up having to put it away, or wash it again with regular detergent. I do remember having this similar issue when I was pregnant with Forrest. Everything is starting to smell much stronger. I can smell things that Stu does not even notice, and I will point it out to him that something smells funky, and he will be like...I am not sure what you are talking about, because I smell nothing. 

What I Miss the Most: Feeling really rested. I go from feeling very energetic to being exhausted. There is no happy medium. I'm always on go, and this pregnancy is definitely different than the one I had with Forrest. I'm rarely rested all way, and that is okay with me. I like having a happy chaos in our lives though. 

Best Moments of the Week: Teri's wedding was a wonderful time for me to catch up with great friends. Monis, the groom, surprised Teri (the bride) with a song during vows exchange-that made me tear up, and he sang beautifully. Forrest bursting into a biggest smile I've seen in his entire little life, and giving me a BIGGEST hug that I have ever gotten from him once we got back from the wedding weekend. Spending time with Stu, and laughing at crazy drivers during Madison traffic jams. For instance, we saw a lady driving a car with a mounted deer head next to her. That cracked us up. Stranger things have been seen. Joining our neighbors for a cook-out. Getting a great news for our family (don't worry, I will reveal in due time). 

Looking Forward To: Doctor appointment at 10:30 am, and finally being able to feel Jellybean's heartbeats on the doppler. Then spending a few hours at Wildlife Sanctuary with some great friends! Forrest will have a blast seeing all the animals, and especially so, feeding them.