Monday, June 23, 2014


How Far Along: 17 weeks, and 3 days.

I Am Feeling: A bit stressed. Excited. Sad. A lot of emotions all at once! Wacky pregnancy hormones are making everything more intense as it seems. I'll explain more in a bit.

Weekly Milestone Growth: Jellybean has doubled in his/her weight, and is roughly about the size of an onion. The umbilical cord is becoming thicker, and stronger as Jellybean's rubbery bones become harder. This is a crucial time to make sure I eat plenty of cheese, and yogurt to help calcium deposits to build up in Jellybean's bones. Jellybean's skin is still translucent, which means the veins are transparent, and can be seen through his/her skin. The fingerprints are forming its unique prints! Jellybean's primary teeth are developing inside the gums, and drinking a little fluoride will help to harden the enamels for the teeth. In a few weeks, if I want to know the sex, then I will be able to identify if Jellybean is a boy, or a girl through an ultrasound. We prefer not to know, and Jellybean's gender will remain unknown until birth! 

Movements: Jellybean likes to make himself/herself known when Forrest is pressing against my belly. Then there's a little pop from the inside. Sometimes, Jellybean will roll around as well. It's a really cool feeling. It's one of the favorite things to experience while I am pregnant. 

Cravings: I really don't have any at this point other than an occasional nibble of something sweet. 

Aversions: Same old. Same old. Nothing new. 

What I Miss the Most: Having that happy medium, feeling rested, and being able to breath. 

Best Moments of the Week: I finally felt Jellybean's heart rate on the doppler at the appointment last Monday for the first time. Forrest got to hear the heartbeat, too, and he was a bit perplexed by it! It was really great to FINALLY feel the heartbeat, and it was a cool feeling. Jellybean's heart rate was at 150-155. It was cool.

Now, here's an exciting news that we want to share: Stu got a job as an assistant principal!!! He had a bunch of interviews for about a month, and half. Then he finally landed a job after applying for 40-something positions all over the place for past year-ish. We were really excited for him, and for us. 

However, that means a few things: he is starting his new job on July 1st, and because of the distance, he decided to stay with his brother during the week, and be home on the weekends. Because of this, I have to play a single mom for about a month while we house-hunt for a new place to move in. I have to pack up a lot of things on my own with a toddler running amok, and while being pregnant, that does not sound so exciting to me, ha ha! Fortunately, I have a few great people willing to step up, and help. Thank goodness for wonderful friends, and family, right? 

Here's the bittersweet part...we are going to leave Ripon, and that is a really sad thought for both of us. We love it here; there are a lot of GREAT memories with this community, wonderful people, and beautiful scenery. We will be moving a bit further from my family, which is a bit tough, and one good things about being a stay at home mom is flexibility in my schedule to visit my family as often as I like. It just won't be easy to leave here as much as we are excited to be moving back to Green Bay, and being close to our friends again, especially to my OB-GYN doctor! I love her so much that I refuse to give her up even when we moved to Ripon. So now, my desire for a natural birth is becoming more real with us being closer to Bellin Hospital (where I plan on delivering Jellybean--it's the same place I delivered Forrest). It's just a really bittersweet situation with a lot of feelings involved of excitement, and sadness.

People had fun guessing the gender of this baby. Some people think I am having a girl, and some others think I'm having a boy based on 150 heartrate, how I am carrying, and what I have been craving for these days. I definitely do notice more people are touching my belly with this pregnancy than with Forrest! I am not sure why? I don't mind though! 

Looking Forward To: My ultrasound appointment in 3 weeks! I am just so excited about seeing Jellybean again. Usually, this ultrasound is when you find out your baby's gender. However, we choose not to know Jellybean's gender, and won't be finding out. I'm just excited to see Jellybean's face, and see how Jellybean is doing. Our 3-year anniversary is tomorrow! It is kind of crazy to think that by tomorrow, we will be married for 3 years, and then this fall, it will be 10 years for us of being together. Time do fly.