Tuesday, July 1, 2014


How Far Along: 18 weeks & 4 days. I'm chugging toward to being half-way done with this pregnancy. It is mind-blowing to think that I'm nearly half way over with this pregnancy. It has been flying by so fast with so many things going on these days. It still has not really hit me that we are having another baby in early winter! I wonder when it will finally hit me. I told Stu the other day that I am 5 months along, and Stu said, ALREADY?! 

I Am Feeling: A bit stressed about the move, and finding a place to live. We went from looking for a rental home to possibly buying a house only to go back to looking for a rental home again with a plan to look for a house in spring. Heartburn has been kicking my butt these days. It's not so much of pain in my chest, but the burning at the base of my throat, and it's a constant thing. Does that mean Jellybean will be born with a head full of hair? We shall see! I've been getting foot cramps along with backaches from picking up Forrest, a shift in the gravity due to my growing belly, and walking around. It's weird to experience more physical pain this time around, because I barely had any with Forrest, and I guess it's overdue? I suspect my blood pressure is low once again, due to my fainting the other day, which sounds more dramatic than it actually is. According to my doctor, all I need is to stay cool, hydrated, and eat frequent small snacks in the between of meals. Also, I had a dream the other night that I gave birth to a boy. I wonder if that is a prediction?? 

Weekly Milestone Growth: Jellybean is as big as a sweet potato! Currently, Jellybean is able to suck the thumb, hiccup, roll around, kick, and do all the crazy aerobic exercises. The bones are ossifying, a fancy term meaning that the bones are finally hardening, and it is still crucial to make sure I take in plenty of calcium in my diet. Jellybean's nerve system is maturing. The nerves are now being encased in Myelin, which helps to protect, and stimulate them to relay messages to the brain. 

Movements: There has been days when I feel little kicks, which reminds me of a popcorn popping, and it is a fun feeling. Jellybean seems to be most active in the afternoon/evening.

Cravings: Something fresh, and crispy. Then sweets. I don't have much of desire for meat with this pregnancy. I've been eating a lot more fruit these days. My fruit of choice had initially been peaches until I took a bite into a moldy pit. Now my appetite for peaches is nonexistent. Boo. However, that disappointment has been replaced by joy when my mother in law, Bobbie, bought us cherries. So good! I may have to buy one more bag today (we ate it all in two days). 

Aversions:  Unchanged pretty much. Nothing new has popped up. At this point, I just avoid anything spicy, or take a gamble, and stock up on tums.

What I Miss the Most: Being heartburn-free. Being able to function without feeling woozy once in while. Not being so stressed!!

Best Moments of the Week: Meeting up with the family, and spending the day with them at a park for Wally's birthday. Seeing Forrest having so much fun going cooler diving (he ended up getting soaked. I guess that boy was really warm, and wanted to cool off)! Cuddling with Forrest--he has been more cuddly than usual these days. 

Looking Forward To: Having things work out in the end with finding a place to live. Finding out how Stu's first day of work goes! Ultrasound appointment next week on Thursday (it got rescheduled from Tuesday to Thursday. Bah for waiting a few more days until I see Jellybean!!). July of 4th celebrations; I love watching fireworks, and eating yummy food.