Monday, July 7, 2014


How Far Along: 19 Weeks & 3 days.

I am Feeling: Still experiencing heartburn. Stress is not helping to alleviate heartburn too. I jokingly tell people that Jellybean will be a neurotic baby from all the stress. *See, the keyword is JOKINGLY, because I know Jellybean won't be a neurotic baby!* I am feeling pretty tired, because I have not been sleeping my best lately, and I am looking forward to the day when the whole family is under one roof once again. 

Weekly Milestone Growth: Jellybean is as big as a Mango this week. The skin is slowly being covered in a waterproof goo, which is composed of laungo, oil, and dead skin cells, to protect the skin from amniotic fluid. Otherwise, Jellybean will come out looking very wrinkled! Because Jellybean is still too little to actually develop a real fat that we have, the special kind of fat called Brown Fat (how creative) will be developed to protect the vital organs, and to keep Jellybean warm during the early newborn months. Jellybean is so busy growing that he/she spend most of his/her time sleeping to conserve all the energy to grow, grow, and grow! At this point, my uterus is right under my bellybutton to accommodate growing baby inside! 

Movements: Jellybean likes to pop a lot. It is all over the place with no rhyme, and reason. I notice that I feel Jellybean the most in the evenings. Hopefully that means Jellybean IS not a morning person. Because when I was pregnant with Forrest, he was most active between 3 to 5 am, and guess what...he likes to get up during those hours still to this day. I tell people that I hope Jellybean will love to sleep as much as I do, because the little mister (Forrest) certainly does not. 

Cravings: Unchanged. The only meat these days that I really enjoy eating is turkey meat. Aside from that, red meat is not really big on my menu, because A) it gives me heartburn due to its rich nature, and B) I am just not interested in eating it. Nonetheless, I still do eat a hamburger here, and there, but it's not like what I had with Forrest.

Aversions: Unchanged.

What I Miss the Most: Having Stu home with us. It is tough not to have him home during the week. It is more tiring, and harder to parent Forrest alone. Thankfully, Forrest, despite his active nature, is pretty easy kid to take care of. I would imagine that Stu is anxious to have all of us back under one roof as much as I am! 

Best Moments of the Week: Forrest really enjoyed the fireworks! He was pretty insistent on sitting with his cousins on the blanket to watch fireworks. Forrest made a connection between an animal, and word: COW. Because of that, he kept asking to see cows in the barn almost all of the time. It was fun to see how his little mind began to map things in the world around him.

Looking Forward To: Seeing Jellybean this Thursday! I'm determined NOT to find out the gender. I'm tempted, I won't lie, and I have thought about finding out. Then again, I really don't want to know. My desire not to know is stronger than my desire to know. I think it will be fun to be surprised at the birth. On some days, I think I am having a boy. On other days, I think I am having a girl. Not knowing is kind of fun, because we did find out so early with Forrest (12 weeks), and it will be my motivation to bring Jellybean into the world just to find out who Jellybean is! I'm also looking forward to a new DIY sewing project. I am planning on sewing nursing pads, because I find that I prefer reusable pads that can be washed over, and over again over buying paper pads. I remember how expensive they got with nursing Forrest, and when I discovered reusable nursing pads--I fell in love with those! The only thing is that they can be a bit expensive. So I am taking it into my hands to sew my own! Hopefully, they will turn out great, and work really well.